Meet Jackie!

Hi!  Welcome to my blog!

My name is Jackie and I currently live in Memphis, TN.  I was born in Columbus, OH and lived there about 10 years; I lived in St. Louis for the next 10 years; and now I've been in Memphis for about 10.  What does this mean?  I have an incredible hybrid Midwestern-Southern accent.  I can say "you guys" or "y'all" and both are legit.  Also, I can simultaneously appreciate: euchre, frozen custard, and the blues.

I am a wife (married 11-14-09):
A mother to Bates - born 2-26-12; and Hank - adopted May 2011:
A daughter:
A wannabe writer:
A runner:
And so many other things (of which I don't have pictures): a reader, a cook, a lover of music, a ketchup connoisseur, a healthy eater, a sometimes unhealthy eater, a pescatarian, a yogi, a neat freak, a stay-at-home mom...and the list goes on.

I want this blog to encourage me to write more - hopefully it will.  I'd love you to follow along on my journey!