Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Has NOT Sprung

LB used to tell me April was one of the hardest months of the year living in Chicago because of the weather.  Basically, it's April, so you feel like it should be warm (since, you know, Spring), but it's actually not warm yet.  Sometimes it's still really cold.  And sometimes it snows.

But when I heard this as a Memphian, I thought to myself, "well, at least you have seasons, even if they happen at slightly different times of year than you would expect."  Because Memphis doesn't have "Spring" like you want it to be.  "Spring" days are often in the 80s (sometimes high 80s with tons of humidity), which is lovely compared to the middle of Summer when it feels like 150 outside, but can be pretty hot.  Also, Spring can be a terrible precursor of what's to come.  If it's March and highs are already in the 70s & 80s, what is it going to look like in July?

So here I am now, back in a place with legitimate seasons and today seems to be starting a new trend with the weather (at least according to's 5-day forecast) where highs are in the 50s.  And I'm partially elated, of course, because this means we can get outside more - but I also can't help but wish for just slightly higher temps.  Which makes me wonder: What is my idea of "perfect," seasonally-appropriate weather?

In Memphis it was always too hot.  Now this winter in St. Louis has been way, waaaaaaay too cold.  Will it ever feel "just right?"  Because unlike Chicago Summers, St. Louis ones get really hot and humid - maybe they will feel less so because we're coming from Memphis?  But either way, Summer here is still really hot.  Maybe Fall is the magical season here?  When it's actually cool enough to call itself Fall, but isn't yet the terrible, keep-you-inside cold?

I'm also curious when things will start to get green here.  With Memphis' mild winter and often-early Spring, a lot of Spring plants got messed up.  They would start blooming in March and then there would be a cold snap for a couple of days and everything would die.  (Poor cherry blossoms in our front yard were 9x out of 10 ruined with a March or April freeze.)  But here in St. Louis right now?  Absolutely no sign of green or buds or flowers anywhere.  We have no idea what our little town will look like with greenery because it's been barren since we've been here.

April showers bring May this true?  Will we not see a green landscape until May?  I just don't remember because it's been so long since I've lived here.  I remember coming home some Easters in college when it was too cold to wear Easter dresses - so maybe we're looking at the 50s for the next month?

I think this first year or so will be the biggest adjustment - then we'll be used to the way the seasons fall.  But for right now - I'm seriously itching for some warmer temps.  But not necessarily Memphis warm...