Friday, February 7, 2014

Fetal Friday? (19 Weeks)

Oh what the heck - how about the return of Fetal Friday for a few weeks of this pregnancy!

Right now I'm at 19 Weeks.

Most people have probably heard that one's first pregnancy is very different from any subsequent pregnancies - and in my personal experience, this is quite true!  I don't mean to downplay this one at all - because of course, we are PUMPED about a new baby - but just in terms of thinking about the pregnancy, it is very low on my list of daily priorities.  (Whereas when I was pregnant with Bates, all I did was think about it and analyze it and fixate on everything.)

So with that to say, I feel great!  I am definitely in that golden zone where I'm past the 1st trimester yucky-ness, but not physically big enough to have the discomfort of a huge baby pushing on my organs.  One big difference in this pregnancy is my sleep.  I slept awesome when I was pregnant the first time, but not so much this time around.  (It's more like my normal sleep patterns, which aren't awesome.)

I've been feeling the baby move for a few weeks now, which is a lot sooner than last time, but since I knew what I was looking for when it came to movement, it was easy to recognize.  (I was shocked when I looked back on my 19 week post last time and saw that I hadn't felt the baby yet!  This one has been going crazy for a few weeks now!)

It's also no joke that you start showing a lot sooner with pregnancies after your first.  I started wearing my maternity clothes pretty early with this one (because...stretch pants, why not?), but as of a week or so ago, I've definitely looked really pregnant.  I'll snap some pictures at some point and post them.

I had some crazy food aversions (pretty much all food) in the 1st tri, but again, everything is back to normal now in the 2nd.  This is the most boring pregnancy update ever!  Basically, I feel normal except that I have a little person kicking me around.  (Actually, I have a little person kicking me from the inside AND outside all the time.)

We do our 20-week ultrasound next week (where we will NOT find out the sex), but I'm somewhat anxious to make sure everything is alright and healthy with this new babe.

Happy weekend, everyone!