Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Toes Can Tell The Story

Six months ago, this was a beautiful, fresh pedicure:

Bates and I spent a week at my mom's house in July and she watched him one day so I could go to the nail salon.  I usually get my toes done about once a month during sandal season, but this past summer I didn't.

I looked at my pitiful toes the other day and thought how much this pink polish has seen in the past six months....

A couple days after I got the pedicure, Jonathan and I were at a Cardinal's game where we met the lawyers who asked if he was looking for a job.

A couple months after that, he was offered a job with those lawyers and he accepted.

We worked hard and fast to get our house ready to go on the market.

In just four days, we had two offers on the table, one above asking price.

On that same day, we found out another human would join our family (around 4th of July)!
Jonathan then moved to St. Louis (to my mom's house) while Bates and I stayed and got the house packed for moving.  I was a "single parent," which is hard enough as is, but was intensified by some 1st trimester grossness of pregnancy.

We were homeless for a week, living at my in-law's and then my mom's.

Moving trucks took all our possessions to St. Louis and we began this new chapter.

We lived through a 10-inch snowfall and days with 1 degree as the high.

My pink nail polish has been with me through it all!  Maybe just for the sake of a complete circle, I will let the pink grow out entirely before I put a new color on.  

But on the other hand, my feet look nasty, so I might go ahead and close the pink chapter and open a new one.  

Although, maybe I should stay in the pink family because it has definitely brought me luck over the past 6 months...