Thursday, October 31, 2013

Meet Me In St. Louie

So there was that time when I didn't blog for months...not even a small peep to let you know I'm alive.  So actually, if you are here reading this right now, thanks for not giving up on me!  And I'm sorry I've been absent, blah blah blah, life is busy and hectic and this isn't news to anyone.

Side note: Jonathan jokes with me every morning because he says he wakes up and checks to see what's going on with Queen Ketchup (even though, most likely, he would see me typing a lot on my computer if I actually did post).

Anyway.  We have big, exciting news coming from our house.  We're moving to St. Louis!

You might remember this post from not that long ago when we had discussed if St. Louis would be a good (maybe better?) city to raise our family than Memphis.  Well, as I mentioned at the end, I felt like we would end up wherever we are supposed to be, and I have to say, God has made it incredibly apparent (like LOUD & CLEAR), St. Louis is that place right now.

Jonathan accepted a job at a firm after we met some of the lawyers in a box at a Cardinal's game.  (Literally, I met the lawyers in line for beer, discussed what kind of law they practice, mentioned my husband does the same, and they said, "he isn't looking for a job, is he?"  About two months after that, after he'd interviewed, he was offered a job.)

We then worked really hard to get our house ready to sell, incredibly nervous about the state of the market and the strong need we had to sell the house in a reasonable amount of time.  And after 4 days on the market and a bidding war, we got a really great offer.  (I'd call that a "reasonable" amount of time, right?)  We're currently looking for a house to rent in St. Louis, but I have to say, I feel like God is going to provide that, as well, so it isn't stressing me out that much.

This is where we are right now - in a crazy and unexpected place.  I have so many thoughts on the whole move and leaving Memphis thing, but I might go ahead and do that in a separate post.  I can't believe we are leaving the land of the Delta blues - but we'll definitely be back a lot, as my in-laws (who are really sad, you can imagine) will still be here.

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