Thursday, August 15, 2013

Well Hello There!

Wow.  It's been more than a month since I've blogged!  I've had a blank post open for awhile, but just haven't had the inspiration to get something down.  I've actually sort of fallen off the blog bandwagon, generally.  Instead of checking all my "regulars" everyday, I find myself checking every couple days.

Part of it is that I don't get that much "me time" each day.  There are Bates' naps, which give me 2-3 hours, and then from around 7:30-10 at night.  I think I might do a day-in-the-life post soon, so those of you who aren't stay at home moms can see what it is we actually do all day.

But in the effort to catch everyone up to date on my life, here are some highlights from the last month+:

1.  Bates and I spent a week in St. Louis (Sunday - Sunday) and Jonathan flew up on Thursday to meet us.  I was going to blog a lot while I was there, but I have that weird fear of letting the digital world know I'm out of my house (ie, ROB ME), so I didn't.  It was a great trip, though.  My mom is a teacher so she was off work the whole time.  We did lots of St. Louis-y things: the zoo, Purina Farms (twice), the brewery tour, the Butterfly House, a Cardinals game, etc.  I loved that we were able to go up for so long.

2.  I've been reading a ton.  Like, I read three different young adult dystopia series (as in, 10 books), in addition to a couple others.  In fact, during Bates' naps that's all I've been doing.  I'll do some book reviews (everyone's favorite!!) when I have a second.

3.  Amanda came to visit!  She did a one-day trip in town for a funeral.  Sadly she didn't get to bring baby Paige.  But she did get to meet and play with Bates, who made fast friends with her.

4.  We've been loving the weather.  I think it's been nice in a lot of parts of the country, but seriously, Memphis has had the best weather summer since I've lived here.  Today, for example: high of 80, low of 55, and almost no humidity.  Bates loves to be outside (hot or not), so the nice weather has been such a blessing.

5.  We've been no-carbing.  Jonathan and I decided for the month of August that we'd give up carbs, which includes alcohol.  We both wanted to lose a little weight, and I know that I, personally, wanted to stop my unhealthy snacking during the day.  I also wanted to give my body a break from the dark, heavy beers we love to drink Thursday-Saturday nights.  Breakfast for me has been an egg-white/feta omelet; lunch has been a salad; and dinner has been fish and veggies, for the most part.  Lots of water, cheese, and nut butters for snacks.

6.  And figs.  So, I love figs - not sure if I've ever shared that on the blog.  They are one of my favorite things in the world.  Well, Bates and I were on a walk a couple weeks ago and I noticed this huge fig tree a few blocks away had some ripe ones.  This tree is huge and it hangs over into the street.  It's packed with figs - like hundreds...  So I took some.  And then the next day, I took some more.  And whenever my stash runs out, I pick more.  And I guess in theory this is "stealing," but like I said, the tree is huge.  And also, no one else is picking them, as far as I can tell.  Is that awful?  I just love figs so much!  I will plant a fig tree in my next house.

7.  On our walk last week, Hank was attacked by another dog!  We were approaching a house that had tall hedges and a gate.  Because of the hedges, I couldn't see if the gate was open or closed, but a huge dog was sitting in the driveway, so I just assumed the gate was open and the owner was standing right there.  Not the case.  When we got close enough to see, I realized the gate was closed.  So basically it was a huge, unchained, ownerless dog staring us down.  Hank went up to him and the dog started attacking him.  Like, pinned him down, was biting and growling.  I screamed and tried to yank Hank's leash, which didn't work, so then I started kicking the dog.  It was like kicking a brick house, though - he must have been 150 pounds.  I finally let go of Hank's leash, thinking he could maybe fight back if I wasn't holding it and I pushed the stroller out of the way.  Thankfully the dog relented a little and Hank ran away and we were able to clear out of the area.  A car stopped to see if we were ok and she pointed to the house where the dog lives.  The owners go to our church, so Jonathan called them that night.  Apparently they were having work done on their house, so the gate was open and the dog got out.  They were really apologetic, etc., but the event was still terrifying!  Hank wasn't hurt (none of the bites broke the skin) and he hasn't been any more weird than normal, so I'm hoping he won't have bad memories of it.  Poor doggie.

I think those are all the highlights of the past month.  Hopefully you'll hear from me again before it's another month and a half!

Now if you'll excuse me, some figs are calling my name.

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LB said...

You're back! I can't believe that about Hank, what in the world! Poor puppy! Also I bet it's legal to pick figs if it's hanging in the street (like how you can do whatever to a tree that's hanging over you're fence) but my legislative library may be a little rusty so don't quote me on it.