Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oh The Reading

So when I took a month+ off blogging, one of the reasons was all the reading I was doing during Bates' naps and at night after he went to bed.  You all know how I love a good dystopia novel, so when I found this list on BuzzFeed, I immediately went to our library's e-database to see which ones I could check out.

I ended up reading 3 young adult dystopia series.

First up:  The Legend Series by Marie Lu
There are 2 books out right now (Legend and Prodigy; and a third, Champion, due out in October)

This was my favorite series out of these three and I would recommend it (although I did feel sort of duped when I learned the third one wasn't out yet).  The main characters live in a military-run state, which I found fascinating because I totally thought of North Korea while reading it; there is a ton of propaganda and negativity about other parts of the World, which has to be what it's like in NoKo.

But anyway, these are fun books.  They're written in 2 different perspectives.  I think one of my favorite parts of a dystopia is seeing the "perfect" government and how the citizens live in it, and there was a lot of that in this series.

Series Two: The Maze Runner by James Dashner
There are four books in this one: The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, and the prequel, The Kill Order

Ok, I did not really like this series.  And I don't recommend it.  Why did I read four dang books then?  Who knows.  I guess I wanted to see what happened at the end?  But it wasn't really that satisfying, which left me even more dissatisfied.

These books feel more like a weird mystery than a "dystopia."  And honestly, there are parts I would describe as a "young adult horror" genre.  Definitely not my cup of tea.

I will say that they were fast paced and intriguing at parts (and only about 300-ish pages), so at least you can fly through them.  But my overall recommendation?  Don't waste your time.

And finally, the Matched Series by Ally Condi
Three Books: Matched, Crossed, and Reached

I was probably most excited about this series.  A perfect society where everything about your life is statistically calculated, including who your spouse will be.  So stuff like what you eat, where you live, your job, etc., are decided by the Society through brain data.

The first book was really fun.  It was all about the main character, Cassia, when she is "matched" (ie, given her future spouse) and then the crazy stuff that goes down following that.

The other two books: blah.  In fact, by the end of the third one, I was dying to be done.  There was no big, awesome climax at the end.  In fact, I sort of just skimmed along trying to finish.  One of the main issues I had while reading was that I couldn't really see what was so bad about the Society.  I mean, I guess on one hand it sucks not having the option to make your own choices, but on the other hand, if something (or someone, in the case of your spouse) is calculated 99.9% to be a perfect fit for you, what's so bad about that?

I can't say I really recommend these books, either.

And then after all these kid books, I read an adult book!  I'm sure you've all heard the hype about J.K. Rowling's book that she published under a different name.  Well, I read it.

The Cuckoo's Calling by "Robert Galbraith"

This was really fun and I recommend it.  It was a classic WhoDunIt mystery that was really engaging.  It's about a private eye asked to re-examine the alleged suicide of a supermodel.  And from the way it ended, I imagine there will be other books with the private eye on the case.

So that's that.  Lots of reading.

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Tippy said...

The book Matched does sound quite interesting!! Very disappointing if the next 2 aren't very good. Maybe I'll just read the first one.

I have been wondering if JK's new book was worth a read. It had HUGE media hype here due to the silly lawyer telling his wife's friend about the true author. But not much hype about whether or not it was a good book.

I wonder if my sister has read this post? She likes your book reviews!!