Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sick Baby :(

We've been pretty fortunate in the illness department with Bates.  He got some colds (which led to a couple ear infections) during his 2-month sampling of daycare last year.  Other than that, though, not much of anything beyond a stuffy nose here and there.

Last Wednesday, we went to my Bible study in the morning (where there's group baby care) and he had a fun time playing with the kids.  Then we came home and he went down for his nap, as usual.  He slept about 2 hours, as usual, but when I got him out of the crib he was super cranky (not usual).  I put him in his highchair for lunch and he wasn't into it.  I got him to eat a few bites, and then....BLAAAH! <----puke 101="" and="" highchair="" his="" i="" in="" it="" nbsp="" nd="" p="" temperature="" the="" took="" was="">
The poor sweet baby was sick until Friday.  He had a couple more small puking incidents, but mostly he had this crazy fever.  It got as high as 102 at some points!  On Thursday, he was down and out.  All he wanted to do was lie in my lap and watch tv (something he never does because he doesn't sit still).

We talked to the doctor on the phone who said there had been a ton of fever viruses all week.  Thankfully Jonathan nor I got sick.  But the poor little guy!  It's so sad when they can't tell you how they feel.  Can you imagine if you had the worst headache of your life but couldn't tell anyone?  Instead you just cried (which probably made it worse)?  Or if your stomach was killing you, but you couldn't tell anyone you didn't want to eat?

Anyway, the fever was way down on Friday and he was up for eating and playing again.  And then by Saturday he was 100%.  I'm assuming he picked it up at one of the parties we went to the weekend before.  Or at the zoo on Monday with his Grammy.  I feel so awful that I had him at Bible study playgroup - I'm hoping no one else's kids got sick, but I guess I'll see tomorrow.

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