Monday, June 10, 2013

Of Late

I feel like I have so much to blog about.  There are a few book reviews to write (including my take on Dan Brown's newest, Inferno).  A recap of our trip to Ohio, which included Bates' 2nd trip on an airplane.  And a 15-month update on the sweet baby boy and his newest feat: walking!

But I should also maybe just catch up on life?

For example, this past weekend was really fun.  Saturday morning we played at the Botanic Gardens (which has an awesome area for kids).  Bates played in some sand boxes and played in these kiddie playhouses they have.  He also saw some fountains and some ducks (and ducklings!).

That night we went to a baby-laden first birthday party for my friend's son.  Bates enjoyed being with all the other kids and playing with balloons and balls in the huge, empty front room of the house.  He was happy to get a couple bites of cake and ice cream, as well.

And then in totally atypical fashion, we had a Sunday Funday (Funnight?)!  A party was thrown to welcome some of our good friends to our neighborhood.  So it was just a great neighborhood get together in someone's backyard with lots of kids and babies and chitchatting and brews and wine and sidewalk chalk and snacks.  I wish someone threw a party like that every week!

So it was a good weekend.  And I'm really excited about this week, too, because some of our summer activities begin!  Tomorrow we have the first session of our music class (Music for Aardvarks).  We did  the Winter session, but skipped Spring.  So I'm glad to get back in the swing of it.

And then Wednesday I'm starting a new small-group Bible study, which I'm super pumped about.  It's all women from my church around my age and with kids.  And some of the sweet older women in the church are volunteering their time to watch our kids while we have our Bible study every week!  How wonderful to see them "being the church" for us.

In other news, the splash pad finally opened at the Kroc Center, so Bates and I checked it out and he seems to approve.  Also, the weather is starting a major heat up; we're in the 90s all week.  So the splash pad is a welcome refresher.

Summer has always been my least favorite season, but this year seems like it's on a path towards awesomeness.  Stay tuned!


LB said...

So many questions! What's the Kroc Center? Did you ever post about the music class before (if so I want to read)? Where will you guys swim this year? More pictures!!!

Jackie said...

Lots of questions...

1) The Kroc Center is a new community center where Libertyland used to be (on East Parkway). We joined a few months ago. It's awesome! Fantastic workout facility (all machines have tvs), big indoor pool (which is huge so the babe isn't in the sun), tons of exercise classes, an outdoor splash pad, a playground, lots of classes you can take (art, music, dance, theatre, etc.) and FREE childcare for 2 hours a day. Aaaaand - it only costs $50/month for a family pass ($30 for an individual). There are a few Kroc Centers across the country - in low income communities (to encourage the city to come together). It's really wonderful - such an asset to Memphis.

2) I don't think I posted about the music class. Just a mommy and me thing with kid songs and props (like shakers, musical instruments, sticks, etc.) - lots of moving around and dancing. The first time we took the class he wasn't walking, so I wanted to wait to sign up again until he was, just because we move around a lot.

3) Kroc Center...and friend's houses with pools. Although I don't want Bates in the sun any more than he needs to be.