Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wonderful Mother's Day Weekend

After so many years on the giving end of Mother's Day, it's fun to now be showered with love and presents on a random day in May.

My mom came in town to celebrate with us this year, as well.  So really, the whole weekend was nice! It was great to see my mom, and she helps us so much by taking a lot of childcare duties when she's in town (including Bates' early morning wakeup so we can sleep in).

Friday night we hung out at home.  And Saturday morning we went to the zoo.  Then, after watching the 4pm Grizzlies game on tv, Jonathan and I went to the new Local in Overton Square and sat at the bar and had dinner.  It's nice to have nights out like this every now and then to remind ourselves that at one point we weren't just Bates' parents, but people with things to do and people to see.

Sunday morning I had to be at church from 9-9:30 to rehearse for Confirmation.  When I got home, blueberry lemon pancakes had been cooked up on the griddle!  Yum!  Then we went back for the actual church service/confirmation at 11.  After church my mom headed back to St. Louis and I vegged a bit while Bates snoozed.

We spent the later part of the afternoon at Overton Park blowing bubbles and flying a kite.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was about 70 degrees.  There was no place I would've rather been than right there.  Later, we closed out Mother's Day with Indian takeout for dinner and a cupcake (as my mom had bought a half dozen on Saturday).

Bates and Hank gifted me with a pedicure certificate to be used asap, as my feet look horrible.  I also got a new suitcase last week which is pretty awesome and was desperately needed.  My mom gave me this cool framed poem about a baby's hands and then she had Bates do a handprint at the bottom.  She has the same little project from when I was a toddler.

All in all, it was an awesome weekend.  I'm still loving the cold Spring and am spending every possible second outside that I can.  Also, I need to do some major detox this week after having 2.5 cupcakes, eating way too much junk food, and having a few porters at the bar.  Well worth it, though.

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