Friday, May 24, 2013

The Never Ending Bathroom Reno...

Fingers crossed, it will, in fact, end soon!

So the tile on the floor of our shower has always been a little strange.  It was always oddly discolored (dirty looking) in places, but no method of cleaning would fix it.  I would use a bleach product and a scrub brush and the discolored portion would not budge.  For awhile I thought it must have been so old that the stains were deep set.  Then I discovered a Magic Eraser's magical powers could do the trick.  But still, it's weird that it would get these deep, grimy stains so often and would require such an intense effort to Magic Erase.

Then, about a year ago, some of the grout split open.  That is, there was a major crack down the middle of the floor.  Then about 6 months ago, the split was really bad and I started to get nervous about what was going on (thinking, "$$$$$").  We discussed having it fixed.  But that was it, ha.

Then about 2 months ago, a few of the tiles came loose and one came completely off.  That was when we decided we needed to act.  So we called around, got estimates, etc. and realized the job was a bit more time consuming than we hoped.  (We were thinking they could just rip up the floor and redo it.)  But they actually had to rip all layers of the floor out all the way down to the subfloor.  And if the subfloor was damaged, they would need to replace that first.  They also needed to take out three levels on tile on the walls because a waterproof tarp (which is part of all tile showers) extends that high.

And so this project began last Friday.  They came and demo-ed.  Thankfully the subfloor didn't need to be replaced, but they still needed a fan to blow on the floor all weekend to get it completely dry.  Monday they put down the first layer of mud.  Tuesday the second layer.  Wednesday a waterproof sealant.  Thursday the tile itself.  And then today they're doing the gout work.  Next week, hopefully, they'll put in the new door and a plumber will come to get everything cleaned up.

So for the past week - and until next week - our house has been/will be a construction zone.  Dust settling on everything, paper on the floor leading back to the bathroom, and sticky plastic covering the carpet.  Flies in the house because the door has been opened and closed so much.  A stinky, construction-like smell in that half of the house.  The bathroom itself a mess: construction equipment back there, cords everywhere, dirt, grim...just gross.

And you can imagine how enticing all this is to a curious 15-month old.  It's been a full-time job keeping Bates out of the bathroom and away from all the mud/cement pieces on the paper and plastic leading back to the bathroom.  And you can also imagine how quiet it is when, during naptime, a shower is in demolition or a saw is cutting pieces of tile.  (Hint: not quiet.)

Have I mentioned, also, that we only have 1.5 baths in our house?  So this is the main one.  We've been taking baths now for about a month and a half (since we were worried about the condition of the subfloor) and this past week, we've just been making it work: moving around cords and equipment while we get ready in there, ignoring the large dust piles of plaster in the tub while we're bathing.

To say I'm ready for this to be over is an understatement.  We've been in the house all week because we couldn't schedule a playdate since we didn't know what time workers would be here/for how long everyday.

I guess I should've taken before pictures, except the real kicker of the whole thing is that it probably won't look that different at the end.  It will just be fixed instead of broken.  Oh joy of homeownership...

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b|rad said...

Reading all of this is what makes me NOT want to redo my ONLY bathroom in the condo. Hope you post some finished photos!