Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bates' 2-Nap Day

Everyday, my baby boy is growing more and more into a big boy.  Most recently this has been illustrated by the transition to one nap a day.  I'm sort of excited since one nap really opens up the day for activities, but it still reminds me he isn't my little bitty helpless guy anymore.  We're also transitioning him from bottles of cow's milk to all sippy cups, which some might argue should've been done at 12 months...but we didn't do that, so here we are now.

Anyway, since we hope to have another baby(ies) some day, I want to write down his 2-nap schedule while it's still fresh in my mind.  So I guess you could say this post is more for me than you, reader, but please feel free to read about our schedule if you're interested. :)

Wake up (usually 6am) - bottle first thing

Breakfast about 2-2.5 hours after wake up

Morning nap: when he was younger, right after breakfast (so he'd never be awake more than 3 hours at a time); when he was older, nap about 3.5-4 hours after wake up

Bottle right when he wakes up from nap

Lunch about 2 hours after wake up/bottle

Afternoon nap: when he was younger, right after lunch (so he again wouldn't be up for more than 3 hours); when he was older, it kept getting pushed later and later*

*This was how I knew he was ready to transition to one nap: the afternoon nap kept getting pushed later and later because he would sleep longer stretches in the morning (maybe 10-11:30), and then wouldn't want to go back to sleep.  At first I could still get him to sleep an hour (maybe 3:30-4:30), but the late afternoon nap kept getting shorter until it was often only 20 or 30 minutes.

Bottle right when he wakes up from nap

Dinner at 6pm

Start bedtime routine between 7 and 7:20 - routine includes: bath, bottle, books, rocking, and then in the crib

-He's drinking 22 ozs of milk/day (4 bottles: 6ozs, 5 ozs, 5 ozs, and 6ozs)
-Even though he often wakes up at 6am, we never get him out of his crib before 6:30

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