Thursday, April 25, 2013

Loving the Cold Spring!

Judging by my Facebook feed, and the numerous comments like "when is it going to get warm??" I think I'm in the minority.  But I have to admit: I LOVE the cold Spring this year!  I seriously dislike hot weather (summer is my least favorite season), so any delaying of the inevitable Memphis heat is a-ok in my book - even if that means we were in the low 40s last night.

(Our furnace and A/C might disagree, though, as they've both been turned on and off a few different times over the past month.)

But Bates and I have really enjoyed the weather.  We've done a lot of playing outside.  We've been to the zoo multiple times, we've romped around Shelby Farms, and we've taken Hank on a lot of walks through the neighborhood.  These activities have been a little on the chilly side for April, I suppose, but I guarantee it's a lot more fun to play at the park in 60 degree weather than 110!

Two weekends ago we went to an event called Rock N Romp, which takes place about once a month.  They are held all over the city and the one we most recently went to was at the Mud Island Riverwalk.  It's basically a rock concert for kids.  It's free (although they ask you to make a donation), there's free food (while it lasts) and free beer for the parents!  It was such a gorgeous day; we all loved being down by the river, enjoying tunes, and drinking brew.

Last weekend our neighborhood hosted its annual Spring Fest.  We walked down with Bates' wagon and hung out for a little bit.  There was a live band, food and drink, and bouncy houses for kids.  Again, it was a gorgeous sunny day and it was so nice to go out and enjoy it.

Bates adores being outside.  Whenever someone opens the door, he cries if he isn't allowed to go out, too.  We spend many afternoons just sitting in the front yard exploring and throwing the ball to Hank.  I don't know how much he'll like being outside when it's blazing hot, but I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  (Although I guess kids don't mind the heat as much as parents - it certainly never dissuaded my from playing when I was little.)

It seems like colder-than-normal temperatures are widespread this year - are you guys enjoying the cold spring?

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