Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bates at 1

My darling little boy is already 13 months and I fear that if I don't write down a life update, it won't ever happen.

So here he is on Easter - at approx. 13 months.  (Note: my mother in law made the adorable outfit!)
One of the first things you can notice in this picture is that I am holding him while he stands up.  At this point, he isn't standing on his own or walking yet.  He is a speed crawler (seriously - many, many people comment on how fast he is), so I think he's comfortable with that as his method of travel at the moment.  He pulls up on everything and cruises around while holding on to things (he also has a little walker he loves to push around), but he just isn't ready to take the plunge into walking.

He has taken the plunge, though, into talking.  He babbles all day long.  Lots of "mamamama dadadadada babababa" etc.  He will call his bottle a "baba" and we're working on "dog" right now.  He can also "roar" if you ask him what a lion says.  And he'll repeat other animal sounds if you make them first.

Bates is a pointing machine.  He points at everything and we tell him what stuff is.  He's just a little sponge of learning right now and it usually only takes us one or two times of telling him what something is before we can say, "Bates, where's the _____" and he'll point to it.

He had a super smart moment last weekend when we were sitting in his playroom and said, "Bates, where's Llama Llama" and he went into his bedroom, got his Llama Llama Red Pajama book, and brought it out to us.

I wouldn't describe him as "snuggily" (never in his life has he been snuggily), but lately he's gotten a liiiiiittle bit more into hugging us and snuggling with us.  But for the most part, he's on the move.  He doesn't want to sit still.  The idea of watching tv or a movie with him is laughable at this point.  (I guess that's a good thing, but man, sometimes mama just wants a tiny break.)

Now that the weather is nicer, he loves nothing more than being outside.  If someone leaves our house via the front door, he races over to it and cries in front of the door because he didn't get to go outside, too.  We like to hang out in the front yard and throw Hank the ball.

His eating is ok at this point.  He has mostly fruits and veggies, cheese, yogurt, bread with butter, and sausage or soy sausage.  He hasn't really met a fruit he doesn't like.  We also always offer him what we're having for dinner, but it's sort of hit or miss whether or not he's into it.  He's drinking 100% cow's milk now and likes it (I'm still doing bottles with him), and then he has water in his sippy cup with his meals.

He's still taking two naps and I don't really think he's ready to drop the morning yet.  He sleeps about 10-11 hours at night and rarely wakes up.  When he wakes up in the morning, it's sort of funny because he doesn't really make a peep, he just wakes up and lies in his crib and sometimes plays with the bears in there.  (That makes the 6am wakeup easier for mama and dada because we don't need to rush in to a crying baby.)

Overall, he's a super happy baby (as you can tell from all the pictures I post on here).  He loves to make us laugh and always joins in when we are laughing at something.  He's pretty free with his kisses and rarely cries.  He's strong-willed (like his mama and dada) and has started throwing tiny fits when he doesn't get his way (ie, throwing himself on the floor in protest).  But luckily he can be distracted in the drop of a hat, so whenever he has a tantrum, we just pull out a toy or ask him where something is, and he's back to normal.

His joy brings us joy everyday.  It's crazy that 13 months ago, he was just a helpless little newborn - what a difference a year makes!

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Eleanor said...

Bates sounds so smart and happy!!! He is so handsome too!!