Sunday, March 10, 2013


I freaking love daylight savings time!  Or are we out of daylight savings time right now??  I don't know...but whatever, I like the one we're in right now.  I looooove when it stays light for a long time at night - it makes the day seem so much longer.

I'm a little curious to see what happens with Bates' sleeping routine.  We had some trouble with "Fall back" in November - but with "Spring ahead," even if we have trouble, it seems like good trouble, right?  That is, if he'd normally sleep until 6am, it's now 7?  We'll see.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  The weather here was awesome on Saturday (70 degrees and partially sunny).  We enjoyed a family run on the Greenline and then a family trip to the grocery store.  This morning was still somewhat warm, so we did a wagon ride around the neighborhood.  But then the rain and cold came, so we were inside the rest of the day.

One thing about Bates is that he's always on the go.  He hates to snuggle, he hates to curl up with us, he basically hates to be still when there are things he could explore.  It's both fun and tiring, as you can imagine.  Well, tonight (after his 2nd nap but before dinner), we brought him on the couch with us and put on Yo Gabba Gabba to see if he'd chill out long enough to see the show.  I wouldn't call it a 100% success, but he also didn't go absolutely crazy trying to squirm and get down.  It was definitely the most interest he's ever shown in tv, so I feel confident that if we ever need a break, it's something to try again.

Other than that, nothing too exciting to report.  My in-laws bought us a subscription to The Week magazine, which I love!  It comes once a week and re-caps all the major news stories.  There aren't many pictures or anything, but it just gives you a little snippet of what's going on around the World.  There's also a crossword puzzle in the back.  I think I did 6 of the crosswords this weekend (digging into past issues) - they are very similar to the USA Today ones (ie, not as hard as the NY Times, but not too easy to be boring).  Maybe I added a couple years of life to my mental health?  Who knows.  I hope you guys enjoyed good weather if you had it!

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