Monday, March 4, 2013

A Movie Weekend

This weekend, Jonathan and I saw two movies.  One was even at a theatre!  It's definitely rare for us to see movies in the theatre now that we have the wee babe, but we don't really rent many, either, for whatever reason.

So Friday night we decided to rent Pitch Perfect - the one about college a cappella singing groups.  This movie is right up my alley (I sang in all kinds of choir growing up and love a cappella groups) and it's actually sort of up Jonathan's as well (he also sang in choir growing up and just loves music generally).  All in all, it wasn't quite the comedy I was hoping for, but I loved the music.  I also thought the main character was a little annoying - but whatev.  Pop a cappella songs made up for it.

Then Saturday we weren't really planning to do anything, but my mother in law called and volunteered to babysit so we could see a movie.  A problem we encountered this past month when we wanted to see some of the Oscar movies was their length.  Most of them were at least 2 hours, if not approaching 3.  We never wanted to go to a 7pm movie that was 3 hours because then we wouldn't be home until the 10 o'clock hour (and I would still need to pump...blah blah blah).  But a 3-hour movie is perfect when you hit the matinee!

So we went to see the 4:30 showing of Zero Dark Thirty.  And we both really liked it.  It was so tense! (Even though you knew what was going to happen.)  I think Jessica Chastain is so cute - and she was great in this role.  Some of the scenes of torture freaked me out, but I think they were sort of meant to do that to the viewer.  But overall it was a great movie - I recommend.

We followed our movie with dinner and were home by 9pm.  That was a major win, in my opinion!  Actually, in retrospect, it was an awesomely-timed date night: my in laws came over at 4, so they got Bates up from his nap, fed him, bathed him, and put him to sleep.  It was a nice break for us vs. the usual date night that begins right when it's time to put him to sleep.

So we had a good weekend.  I had a pretty intense church day on Sunday (I ushered, we had a 1st Sunday of the month luncheon, and then a Diaconate meeting), but I guess that's more meaningful than a "Sunday Funday," right?

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LB said...

I was pleasantly surprised with Pitch Perfect! "...still not a good enough reason to use the word penetrate."