Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Where the Heck Have I Been??

Sheesh.  I get on this awesome blogging role.  I start a new weekly thing (The Joy Project).  I reference things I "need to blog about."  And then POOF - I'm gone.  For a whole month!

So hello there month of February.  You've been good to me.

For whatever reason, my life got a little hectic this past month.  Here's a snippet of what's keeping me busy...

1) Beautiful Creatures.  I'll do a book review on this later.  But basically this young adult fiction (that they've just made into a movie) took all of my free time for a week.

2) Our book club book.  Again, I'll do a book review on this later, too.  But right after I finished Beautiful Creatures, I realized I needed to read our 450 page book club book ASAP.  It was not one of those fly-through reads, so it sucked most of my free time the week after I finished BCs.

3) Pumping breast milk.  Yes I'm stiiiiiiill doing that.  Although, I'm on the decline.  (And I plan to blog about my weaning experience.)  Bates turned one yesterday and after I get the a-ok from the doctor, I'm going to slowly switch him to cow's milk.  But I've been pumping during one of his naps for awhile now, so it sort of takes away one of my chances to blog during the day.  I'm only pumping twice now - which is so awesome!  I do it once during his morning nap and once right before bed.  Two is so much more lovely than three because now I don't ever have to do it when he's awake (even if it does sort of suck to have my free time eaten up by the pump).

4) Junior League.  It's been a bit of a time commitment this year because my placement is as a feature writer.  So I have general meetings to attend, writing committee meetings to attend, and then I have to interview people and write articles in my spare time.  I like it, so that's not an issue.  It just takes some time, and we had a lot of stuff due in January and February.

5) Church.  Oh my gosh, church.  This is one of those classic "when it rains it pours" scenarios.  But there has just been so much going on there.  I'm on the Diaconate now, so there's all the stuff that goes along with that.  And I'm also the Diaconate secretary for the year, so I have to take notes during each meeting and type them up to send out to everyone the following week.  And then I'm serving as a mentor for a 9th grade girl going through Confirmation, which has been a wee bit more time than I was expecting.  And finally, the committee I'm on (Community Support), which is awesome, is most busy during January and February.  So all in all, I'm doing good things - and am happy to do them - it's just a lot right now.

Additionally my mom visited twice in February (which always requires some prep).  Bates has his first birthday yesterday (and we had a little family get together on Saturday).  We had a few days of nice weather, so I tried to get myself, Bates, and the dog out for as many walks as possible.  And we've had some fun social things: a dinner party with friends and every one's kids; a Valentine's Day date (which usually isn't our thing, but Jonathan's parents offered to babysit); a few playdates with friends; a couple date nights when my mom was in town; and a special Friday night edition of book club (which is automatically more crazy than a week-night one).

It's been a good month.  Here's to more blogging!  We'll see...

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