Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What Should I Feed My Kid??

At Bates' 6-month check up, his weight had dropped to the 7th percentile (most likely due to reflux).  So the doctor said we needed to bring it back up to where it had been pretty consistently since he was born (30%).  Our method to do this?  Feed him a ton!

So even though I would've liked to do baby-led weaning with him (where you give the baby "big people food" from the beginning [instead of purees]), it wasn't really an option for us because we needed him to eat a lot asap.  (With BLW, they say it takes a couple months for the child to really figure out how to eat - he'll still primarily get his nutrition from breastmilk for a bit and will most likely play a lot with the food instead of eating.)

Purees worked for us, though.  Bates loved to eat them.  In fact, there weren't many baby foods we would give him that he didn't like.  And wouldn't you know, at his 9-month check up, his weight was in the 40th percentile!  So all was good there.  We would feed him cereal+fruit+breastmilk for breakfast and a vegetable + fruit puree for his lunch/dinner.  And after every meal I would give him puffs so he could learn to feed himself and chew on things.

As he got older, we gave him more solid "big people foods," as well.  We would let him try almost anything we had (that was healthy & fit into the guidelines for baby eating), but his primary eating was the purees.

Well, starting at the beginning of this year (10 months), anytime we gave him a puree (one he liked or didn't like), he would spit it back out with a big, dramatic blowing of his lips.  Food would go everywhere and he would do it a lot - sometimes as much as one bite in, the next blown out.  We figured he must be telling us he's ready to eat only "big people foods."  So for his meals, we stopped giving him purees.

And here's where I'm starting to get frustrated: he won't eat anything significant!  1) Still, after a month of this, he won't even try to eat anything with a difficult texture, he'll just spit it out.  2) If we put too many items on his plate at once, he'll get all Hulk-like and smash everything around and throw it on the floor.  3) There's no consistency to his eating: one day he'll devour chunks of mango, the next he'll throw them all on the floor.  4) Sometimes he'll get on a roll eating almost everything we put on his plate (last night with chili, for example), and then he'll just quit eating and throw everything on the floor.  But it could not be because of fullness because he hasn't eaten enough to be full.  5) He's lost weight since our last doctor's appointment.

So here's my question: moms, have you been through this?  Is this just a phase??  What should I do?  Any foods to suggest?

We've tried a lot of foods with him...maybe too many to list here?  We've tried many vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, broccoli rabe, sweet potato, butternut squash, carrots, parsnips, avocado...maybe others?), many fruits (bananas, apples, pears, mango, peaches, grapes, clementines, melon, cantaloupe, watermelon, etc.), cheese, bread, English muffins, waffles, pancakes, macaroni & cheese, yogurt, chili, lentil soup, penne pasta, salmon, ground turkey meat, pork chop, chicken...maybe other stuff?  This is just off hand.  There isn't really one thing on the list that's a sure-thing.  The most popular things are probably: cheese, banana, cherry tomato, peas, and mango.  But that's not to say he wouldn't just throw all the cheese on the floor one day for no apparent reason.

Help me!!

(Note: we usually give him real food to eat, and then give him purees afterwards to get him to eat something - so we're letting him starve.  And he's definitely more receptive to purees if he's first had some foods to feed himself.)

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LB said...

pizza always worked for me :) good luck!!!!!