Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Joy Project: Week 2

Sunday - I really like standing at the main door of church welcoming people and handing out programs when I usher.

Monday - Bates slept until 7:40 - whaaaaat?  Then he took a 2-hour morning nap!  Wow!

Tuesday - OOOOPS - I forgot to write down a Tuesday joy. :(

Wednesday - We had a really fun play date with my friend Erin and her 9-month old.  It was nice to do some chit chatting.

Thursday - During Bates' morning nap I cleaned up our dining room (which isn't really a "dining room"  for us - we have the baby grand piano in there and now, TONS of toys) and made it 100% baby proof and came up with some storage for the toys.  So it can basically be a "play room" now.  I felt so accomplished after doing this.

Friday - Bates and I had good between-nap playtime (just the two of us) because Jonathan had lunch with a friend instead of coming home.

Saturday - Many joyful moments of the day: so much fun at the Tigers basketball game with Bates; a fun dinner with friends from church; and glorious sleeeeeeep (my in laws overnight babysat).

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