Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Joy Project: Week 1

Sunday - Our ordination at church.  A couple of our clergy members told me they think it's great that I'm serving on the diaconate - that it will be really important to our church.

Monday - We had a really fun dinner: Jonathan was super chatty and Bates was smiley and eating well.

Tuesday - On my run, I listened to a great This American Life titled "Animal Sacrifice."

Wednesday - I read a lot of our book club book, which was really good.

Thursday - This was such a good day all around.  Bates didn't make a peep until 6:40 (I'll let that sink in for a second for people without kids); it was a beautiful day; and we had a fun book club at night.  AND Patti informed me there's a This American Life app you can buy for $2.99 that lets you access every. single. episode.  I bought it and I'm in love.

Friday - Bates and I had a fun grocery store run to both Whole Foods and rich-people Kroger.  It's usually pretty fun to go to the grocery store with him because he smiles a lot and tons of people come over to talk and tell me how cute he is.  At Whole Foods we ran into my friend Erin (and her son) and my friend Troy I used to work with.

Saturday - Such a good day, as well.  I went on a 5-mile run; the weather was beautiful; we had a big birthday lunch for my friend Meagan.

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veena. said...

I love this idea and am definitely going to do my best to keep up!