Monday, January 21, 2013

Restaurant Review: Lunchbox Eats

I didn't know this place existed.  It's a block south of the FedEx Forum in downtown Memphis.  We went here for my friend Meagan's birthday lunch this past weekend and I really enjoyed it!

It seems a little bit like a dump on the outside (as is the case with many good Memphis spots), but the inside is really cute.  It's sort of arty and funky - think Trolley Stop Market, but a little nicer.

The menu is a bunch of sandwiches, a few salads, and tons of vegetable sides (also a couple daily specials).  There is only one vegetarian sandwich (which didn't sound 100% awesome to me), so I decided to get a salad, a side of mac & cheese, and split french fries with Patti and Emily.  I'm pretty sure this is not a place to order a salad.  The sandwiches are all really fun and unique: one of them is fried chicken with a cheese waffle as the bread; the one Patti got had meatloaf and mashed potatoes on it.  But, even so, my salad was awesome! It was huge and had cheese, corn relish, jalapenos, boiled egg, tomato, corn bread croutons, and fried onion straws on it.  I would definitely order it again.

The mac & cheese and french fries were pretty amazing as well.  And they had tons of sauces/dressings (because I love a good sauce).  I had honey mustard on my salad and got a chipotle sauce for fry dipping - both seemed homemade.  And I think their ketchup might have had a little something special in it.

All in all, I highly recommend this little place.  I will definitely return.  (Another fun aspect was that they were playing the Tigers game on a projection tv screen on the wall.  Can't go wrong with that.)

Side note: while it's really kid-friendly given how noisy it is, they seem to only have one high chair?  A family came in when we were in there and asked for a high chair and the waitress pointed to another table with a kid and said, "they're using it."  Interesting.

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