Monday, January 7, 2013

But An Old House Has So Much Character...

And it does.  Many old houses have things you don't always find in newer homes: beautiful molding, original wood floors, weird little nooks and crannies, interesting arches, pretty windows - the list can go on and on.

Old houses also, on the other hand, are old.  And when houses are old, there are often a lot of crappy things that can happen to them: foundation issues, rot, creaky floors, electrical problems, poor insulation - this list can also go on.

Our house was built in the 40s.  It's been updated, of course, and an addition was put on the back of the original.  But there are also a lot of quirks about it.  And this past year, hand's down, has been the year of crappy home improvements for us.  I say crappy because we've spent a lot of money on stuff that needed to be done, but won't really seem all that awesome when we try to resell (ie, we don't have a new kitchen or new bathrooms).

So in 2012 (the year we had our first child [$$$], mind you) we:
-replaced part of the roof
-bought a new water heater
-bought a new air conditioner
-replaced 2 leaky windows in the attic
-replaced some rotting wood on the roof that was leaking into the house

And we need to, asap, re-tile the shower floor.  And it just sucks because these are all just functional/structural things that could not be ignored (even though we hope to move into a bigger house in a couple of years).

When all of this stuff was breaking on the house, I couldn't help but wish we lived in a new house.  Like, straight-up new construction.  A house that is green and has quiet floors and a new kitchen and good insulation and good ventilation and an open floor plan.  Maybe a house with non-squeaky floors and doors that don't stick and new light fixtures?  Or even a new refrigerator with a functioning light - I'd take that!

But alas - we don't really want to live in a suburb, so we might be looking at old houses for awhile.  What about you guys?  Do you prefer old houses or new houses?

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