Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What Am I Doing??

Ugh - you guys - I just wrote a whole blog post on L'Oreal BB Cream.  And then I read it back to myself and thought, "seriously?"  It just sounded so stupid.  And it's so incredibly inconsequential to my life.

But that's sort of the problem with my blogging at the moment.  There are things I'd like to talk about (L'Oreal BB Cream, for example), but since I only find time once maybe twice a week to write posts, makeup doesn't seem like it should be worthy of one.

And I'm also in this sort of weird spot where I could write A LOT of posts on: my kid, being a parent, stuff babies do, Bates' sleeping/eating/milking/whatever schedule, etc., but I don't want this blog to be borrrrrrring for the readers who aren't into kid stuff.  But at the same time, that's what's going on in the majority of my life right now.  And sometimes, there isn't much to say in one given day.  It might seem terribly boring to some - but I love it.

So who knows.  Maybe I need to figure out if this blog is more for me or for my readers.  Because when it initially started, it was a way to get myself writing everyday.  Maybe it's time to get back to that, even if it's mundane mommy stuff...

(And if anyone is interested, this L'Oreal BB Cream...
Source: pretty awes.  I like to wear a little bit of makeup everyday and usually wear some foundation to even out redness.  This is basically a tinted moisturizer, which is exactly the amount of coverage I'm looking for.  I bought the lightest color they have and it looks great.  Highly recommend if you just need light coverage.)


LB said...

I, for one, would be happy to read about mommy stuff or anything that's going on with you guys! easy crowd, easy crowd.

b|rad said...

I think the blog is for you. People like me (who aren't into the whole mommy stuff for the most part) can choose to read a "mom" post or skip it. Let us make the call. I tend to view my own blog as a great way to keep a record of the years as they pass by. So yes, while I want people to read it, I more want a way to reflect back in 3-5 years. So do it for you. That's my vote.

Oh, and the TV feedback...thanks for it! I like Nashville. But I think the whole political Teddy thing throws it off for me. I recognize they need it to give the show some weight and something extra, just don't love it.