Thursday, December 6, 2012

Relaxation Station

This is a little shout out to Claire (not sure if she still reads the blog anymore) - but yesterday I went and got an hour-long massage thanks to her!

Right after I had Bates, she sent me a giftcard for one (since she's incredibly thoughtful and knew I would need it).  I hadn't used it yet, though, because I'm sort of weird about using stuff like that.  I want to wait to use it until the absolute perfect time (and of course, when you're thinking that way, there's never a perfect time).

But when my mother in law called me on Monday and said she wanted to hang out with Bates sometime this week, I knew my "perfect" time had arrived.  (I mean, what better necessitates a massage than running a half marathon?)

And oh my gosh you guys, it was so nice!  Just generally it was nice to have an hour of alone time completely devoted to relaxation and pampering.  But she really got to business with some of my sore muscles.  At the end, she said she could tell my leg muscles had been through a lot.

I left the salon feeling refreshed and relaxed - so thanks Clairee!!

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Claire said...

Jackie, yes! I'm so glad it worked out. You deserve it, especially after the half-marathon and, you know, raising your son (so far). This reminds me that I should make myself an appointment. Miss you.