Thursday, December 13, 2012

One More Point for Whole Foods

I had a wonderful experience with a return at our local Whole Foods back in January.  You should read the account of it if you haven't - it was a store going above and beyond what many grocery stores would do, I think.

Well, Bates and I were at Whole Foods earlier tonight.  He was in his Ergo (a baby carrier where he faces towards me) and was being really silly.  He was putting his hands in my mouth and also trying to eat my necklace.  I attempted to be stern with "no" when he grabbed my necklace, but you can imagine how well a 9 month old listens and how "stern" I am with my sweet baby boy.

Anyway, we walked into the section with all the prepared foods behind a counter.  It's a sort of narrow area because it has the prepared foods on one side and a cooled aisle on the other.  It was packed with people (probably because it was 5pm and they were picking up dinner).  All of a sudden, Bates yanked on my necklace and it snapped!  It was a longish necklace with big, chunky beads - so beads flew everywhere.  Because there were so many people around, and because there were so many big beads, it sort of caused a commotion.  People were trying to gather the beads to give to me or were trying to move them out of the way (so no one would slip on one).  I had a cart of food and the baby in the carrier, so I wasn't really able to do much in terms of gathering them up.

I quickly announced, "it's gone - I can't fix it" because a lot of people were trying to get the beads to give me.  I had a bunch of beads in both hands and was trying to maneuver myself and my cart to the garbage can down in the bakery section.  A man in Whole Foods clothes came up to me and said, "here, give me all the beads and I'll put them in a bag for you."  I thanked him but said I was just on my way to the trash can.  He offered to take them to the trash for me.

All of this was so nice.  It's actually pretty incredible how much strangers will help you when you have a baby with you.  So I was waiting in the long checkout line later and the same man in the Whole Foods gear came up to me.  He had a beaded necklace in his hand (from the clothing/jewelry section of our store) and said, "I'm not sure if this is your style, but you need a new necklace now."  The man gave me a new necklace!  It's short and has tiny colorful beads with some big ones spaced around it.  I mean, how nice was that??

I guess you never really know what will happen until you're in a certain situation, but I feel pretty confident that the people at Midtown Kroger would not be so helpful if this had happened there.  One more point for Whole Foods.


Jonathan said...

I'm not comfortable with strange men giving you jewelry.

Jackie said...

I'd like to quickly update... I took the necklace out of it's package and read this on the back: "This beautiful paper-bead jewelry is handmade by our partners in Uganda, a small group of women who live as refugees in their own country. Thanks to this partnership they no longer live in extreme poverty, instead pursuing lifelong dreams: educating their children, starting businesses, building homes."

I didn't realize the beads were made of paper until I looked close. I definitely want to wear this all the time now - I love jewelry for a good cause!

(The brand is "Ember" -