Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Hulk Baby

If you don't have kids, you've maybe never heard of a "growth spurt."  Or maybe you have?  Now that they are on my brain because of Bates, it's hard to imagine anyone hasn't heard of them.  But when he was born, I never had.  A few weeks into Bates' life he was sleeping a ton and my mom said, "it must be a growth spurt."  I googled this unknown term and, in fact, he probably was going through one.  Basically for the first couple years of life (but mostly in the 1st year) kids go through periods of a few days when they eat a ton and sleep a ton and then dramatically grow.  The timing of growth spurts is pretty universal for every kid.

When Bates has gone through previous ones, it's been noticeable in his eating and sleeping schedule, but I've never seen the dramatic growth.  In the past he'd maybe bump up to the next pound if he had been hovering near one, but nothing crazy.

Well, 9 months is the timing of one of the growth spurts.  I noticed he was taking longer naps during this one, but I only noticed a small increase in his eating.  But then?  A week later, he was huge!  He wore a pair of hand-me-down overalls on Thanksgiving and when I put them on him the next week?  They were too small!  Like, 3 inches too short.  Last night all his size 9 month pajamas were dirty so we put him in some 6 month ones and he looked like the Hulk.  They were skin tight and so short that he couldn't really straighten his legs all the way.

At Bates' 6-month check up, we were concerned about his weight gain: he'd pretty consistently been in the 30ish% for weight (80% for height), but at the 6-month mark his weight had dropped into the 7th%.  We thought (and hoped) it was related to bad reflux.  The doctor suggested we put him on reflux medicine but I told her I wanted to wait to see his growth at the next check.

A couple weeks after his 6-month check up, basically overnight, he stopped spitting up.  Like 100% stopped.  (The doctor later told me that the muscle that keeps food down can tighten and thus end the reflux.)  Just a quick note: I'm so glad we didn't put him on medicine!  When the muscle tightened, we would've just assumed the medicine had started working and who knows how long we would've left him on it unnecessarily.

Anyway - the reason I say all this is because when we went for his 9-month check up, his weight had moved into the 40th%!  The highest it has ever been!  And actually, I'm sort of curious if it's even higher now, because his Hulk-like growing didn't happen until the week after his doctor's appointment. It's so funny what these little babies do in their first year.  I love my little hulk!

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