Thursday, December 20, 2012

Busy Up In Here

I wouldn't say I'm overwhelmed with Christmas-related stuff, but this week has been ridiculously busy.

Side Note: Maybe I should be overwhelmed with Christmas stuff?  I haven't wrapped a single present; I still haven't bought some presents (craaaaap); and my child still has not seen Santa.  But there's time, right?

We've been doing fun stuff, though!  Monday night was my book club's annual Christmas dinner/book exchange.  Everyone brings a wrapped book and we do a dirty Santa draw & swap.  The first book I picked up was The Absolutely True Story of a Part Time Indian.  But it was stolen by Meagan, so the next one I opened was The Typist by Michael Knight.  I'm excited to read it.  Apparently the author went to the same high school as Elizabeth and is now an English professor.

On Tuesday, Bates and I went to "storytime" and had lunch with a dear friend (and her 6-month old) who just moved back to town.  We went to storytime again today and it was packed!  And I saw quite a few people I knew - so it was fun catch-up time with different folks.

On Wednesday we ran out to the pediatrician to check Bates' ears (since he's been tugging on them), but they were clear.  He's most likely been tugging because he has 3 new teeth that are swollen and about to pop out.  Then in the afternoon I dropped Bates at my in-law's and headed to get my hair cut and run some errands.  When I got to their house to drop him off, they weren't home.  As soon as I opened their door, the alarm started beeping, and since they don't usually set the alarm, I didn't know the code.  It was this comedy of errors as I ran back out to my car to get my cell phone, tried to get them on the line to get the code, tried to calm Bates down once the alarm started going off (but ended up just putting him on the front porch outside while I ran to turn it off [which freaked him out even more]), etc etc...  I finally turned it off and got Bates to calm down.  We called ADT and they weren't sending the police because I'd turned it off in time.  But suffice, it was a less-than-relaxing start to my afternoon of alone time.  My hair cut was nice, though.  I never used to think anything of a trip to the salon, but now it's nice chitchat time and nice relaxing time while I sit and wait for the color to process.

Tomorrow morning we're taking Hank to get a bath and haircut before the holiday.  And I think tomorrow afternoon (Friday) we're going to try to see Santa.  And hopefully I can get a couple more Christmas presents purchased.  And maybe I can even make it out to the Baby Gap to return/switch sizes of a few things bought for Bates.  That might be pushing it, but we'll see.

Where are you guys with all your Christmas stuff - is everything bought, wrapped, and under the tree?  Or are you taking an approach similar to mine?

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LB said...

Oh boo, I posted on here from my phone and I guess it never loaded! Dangit! Hope that's not happening with other posts...anywho, I'll keep an eye on them!