Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1/2 Marathon Mond...er...Tuesday: Weeks 7-9

I sort of fell off the blogging boat.  No surprise.  And actually, I fell off the running boat three weeks ago, as well, when The Sickness spread into our house.  So I took Week 7 off running.  Then the next week (week 8) I ran 10 miles in my long run; and this past Saturday I ran 10 miles again.

And now - the race is in four days!!

The first time I ran 10 miles, in Week 8, I had a really difficult run.  I had to walk a couple times, I felt tired the whole way, it was warm out, etc.  I finished and felt really uncomfortable about how soon the race was and how poorly that whole thing went down.

Luckily, when I ran 10 again on Saturday, it went great.  The weather was really cold, the sun was shining, I had a lot of energy - it was a good run.  I actually went a bit faster than my previous training runs, which felt good at the time, but left my muscles much more sore than previous long runs.

Overall, I'm feeling decent about the race on Saturday.  As I've said all along, I'm not looking to break any World records for half marathons.  I just want to finish.  If I have to take walking breaks, so be it.  One thing that's freaking me out is the forecast at this point, which predicts a high of 70 on Saturday (ie, waaaaaay too hot for December freaking Global Warming).  I'm also sort of freaked out generally by the logistics of the whole thing.  Stuff like when to arrive downtown, where to park, how soon to start lining up, where to pee one last time before the gun goes off.  I'm also sort of curious how I'll like the group running aspect of a big half marathon.  At this point my training has been really solitary.  And I sort of like it that way.  I'm curious how I'll respond when suddenly my alone time is shared with thousands of people.

Be thinking about me Saturday morning - send some good vibes if you think of it - I could use them!

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