Monday, November 5, 2012

1/2 Marathon Monday: Week 6

M - Rest
T - Rest
W - 4 miles (treadmill)
Th - Rest
F - walk with Bates
S - 9 miles
S - walk

So Bates came down with a cold 2 weeks ago and I was pretty sure I would get it too (since we're up in each other's business all day).  I HOPED so hard that I wouldn't get it until after my 8 mile run in Week 5.  And wouldn't you know, that night, I started to get the postnasal drip.  So anyway, this past week I was sick with a cold.

When I still felt sort of crappy on Tuesday, I decided I would break my no-consecutive-day rule and run Wednesday and Thursday.  Wednesday went fine.  Then Wednesday night (Halloween) we had an awful night with the babe.  He wouldn't go down to sleep...for hours.  We brought him out to the family room at one point (because we didn't really know what to do) and he massively puked.  On Thursday he was still feeling sort of sick, so he actually took his afternoon nap lying across my chest (which, as you can imagine, isn't that conducive to a 4-mile run).*

Anyway, it was a bad week in running. And boy was that 9-miler difficult!  The weather was really warm (80 by the time I was done), the sun was beating down, I was running into a strong wind at one point.  It was just bad.  This was the first run where I had a hard time zoning out and listening to my podcasts.  The whole thing was really mental - I kept thinking about how much longer I had/how bad I felt/how looooong 9 miles is/etc.

But I finished.  No walking breaks.  9 slow miles.  And this run was different than my others because I "fueled" an hour in.  (If you're running for longer than an hour and a half, it's a good idea to take in some calories.)  I bought a non-caffeinated, raspberry-flavored gu packet (Cliff brand).  And I liked it!  The raspberry tasted a little like the center of a jelly donut and went down easily.  I'm not sure I noticed a difference with or without it, but I definitely didn't have any kind of crash (so maybe it prevented that??).  It was also nice to look forward to something in my run-focused brain: "in 20 minutes I can have my gu."

I followed the run with a veggie sub from Fino's and a large pasta salad.  Note to any Memphians reading this: no one needs a large pasta salad from Fino's; it was enough for 3-4 people.

Best podcast this week: Life on the 500th Floor.

*If you're curious, we aren't sure if Bates had a quick virus (although he had no fever) or if he had a reaction to the dinner we gave him.  It was a tomato-chicken-pasta dish and he'd never had tomatoes before.  And he hadn't really had a ton of gluten before, either.  I'm going to lay off tomatoes in the meantime and ask the doctor this afternoon what she thinks (since we're going to see if the cold turned into an ear infection).  Sheesh!  I'm glad we're done with germ-y daycare (a blog post coming on that soon).

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Sarah said...

Great job on your training! I got strep throat when I was training for my half and 9 miles turned out to be the furthest I ran before my actual race.... and it was fine, I finished easily. You will have so much adrenaline the day of the race, you will likely run a lot faster than you have been training. I would say if you have made this far, pay extra attention to your body and don't over train from now until the race. You could make it through now with the training you've already completed and it's important to avoid overuse (especially for you with your prior knee/back pain). Enjoy!