Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1/2 Marathon Mond...er...Tuesday: Weeks 7-9

I sort of fell off the blogging boat.  No surprise.  And actually, I fell off the running boat three weeks ago, as well, when The Sickness spread into our house.  So I took Week 7 off running.  Then the next week (week 8) I ran 10 miles in my long run; and this past Saturday I ran 10 miles again.

And now - the race is in four days!!

The first time I ran 10 miles, in Week 8, I had a really difficult run.  I had to walk a couple times, I felt tired the whole way, it was warm out, etc.  I finished and felt really uncomfortable about how soon the race was and how poorly that whole thing went down.

Luckily, when I ran 10 again on Saturday, it went great.  The weather was really cold, the sun was shining, I had a lot of energy - it was a good run.  I actually went a bit faster than my previous training runs, which felt good at the time, but left my muscles much more sore than previous long runs.

Overall, I'm feeling decent about the race on Saturday.  As I've said all along, I'm not looking to break any World records for half marathons.  I just want to finish.  If I have to take walking breaks, so be it.  One thing that's freaking me out is the forecast at this point, which predicts a high of 70 on Saturday (ie, waaaaaay too hot for December freaking Global Warming).  I'm also sort of freaked out generally by the logistics of the whole thing.  Stuff like when to arrive downtown, where to park, how soon to start lining up, where to pee one last time before the gun goes off.  I'm also sort of curious how I'll like the group running aspect of a big half marathon.  At this point my training has been really solitary.  And I sort of like it that way.  I'm curious how I'll respond when suddenly my alone time is shared with thousands of people.

Be thinking about me Saturday morning - send some good vibes if you think of it - I could use them!

Monday, November 26, 2012

9 Months Old!

Please excuse this deviation from "1/2 Marathon Monday" for a brief announcement:

Bates is NINE months old today!

I mean.  Wow.  Nine months seems old (respectively speaking, of course).  I remember when I first started attending mommy group (when he was about 6 weeks) and there were some 9+ month olds who seemed like little people.  At the time, Bates just seemed like a baby, but these old kids...they could sit up and crawl and talk and eat real food.  It seemed insane they had only been alive for 9 months.

But now?  My baby can sit up and crawl and talk and eat real food.  He sleeps through the night.  He takes two strong naps everyday.  He has five teeth.  He eats three meals a day.  When did this happen??

I haven't been great at monthly posts on the little guy.  (I haven't been great at blogging period, but whatev.)  But if I had to do a snapshot of the life of a 9-month old, I'd say it's somewhat hectic.  Bates started crawling about 10 days ago.  It was coming for awhile: he'd get on all fours and rock back and forth.  And then on that first day, for whatever reason, he was able to propel himself forward.  Actually, he was trying to get one of Hank's toys - that was what made him move forward.  But since then, it's been full steam ahead.  It took a couple days for it to set in, but now?  He's a pro, which is really fun for him, and sort of stressful for me (ie, constantly chasing him and trying to keep him from putting things in his mouth like cords and shoes and the dog's toys).

Ever since our 6-month doctor's appointment (the one where his weight had dropped into a low percentile), we've been trying to get him to eat a lot.  He has three meals a day of baby food and then gets puffs on his tray to feed himself.  As of a couple weeks ago, I've been giving him little pieces of "people food" to try.  He's slowly but surely learning what to do with a chunk of food in his mouth (although this afternoon I gave him some pieces of corn tortilla and he couldn't chew them enough and puked a little because they got caught in the back of his throat).  He still gets 4 bottles of breastmilk a day, too.  I need to pull out the sippy cup more, but I always forget because any time I've tried it in the past, he's been uninterested.

His "talking" in the past month or so has become more exciting for Jonathan and me because he's now babbling "dadadadada" and "mamamama."  He still hasn't assigned those words to either of us, but it's cute to hear him say them, regardless.

Overall he's such a happy little guy!  I don't know if all babies at this age are happy all the time or if we just got lucky, but he doesn't really cry unless he's hurt or we take a toy away.  In fact, we've had a massive sickness hovering over our house for a few weeks (which I keep meaning to blog about), and Bates had a double ear infection that I didn't really notice because his mood didn't change at all.  I took him to the doctor because he had a bad cough and had been waking up in the middle of the night and that's when they noticed the ears.  Just call me Mother of the Year.

One thing that's picked up in the last couple of months is a general reserved attitude when he's around new people or strangers.  Instead of being his sweet, smiley self, he becomes pretty straight faced and doesn't really crack a smile until he feels comfortable.  For Thanksgiving week, Jonathan's sister and her 3 kids were in town and the first day they were here, Bates was a little unsure.  (That quickly went away and then he was really into them.)

Life is good for us, though.  I can't believe 3/4 of my little baby's first year are done!  What an incredible 9 months it has been!

(And let's just say...I can't wait to be done breastfeeding in three months!!)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get Out! Go Vote!

Bates and I went last week (because Tennessee has glorious early voting), but for those of you who haven't done it yet - get out!  Cast your vote today!

I listened to a Podcast this weekend about the electoral college, and I have to say, the jury's still out (in my mind) about if the popular vote really matters.  But, I'm not willing to risk it by not voting!  :)

(Also, when you vote, you are more legit when you complain about politics.)

Go America!

Monday, November 5, 2012

1/2 Marathon Monday: Week 6

M - Rest
T - Rest
W - 4 miles (treadmill)
Th - Rest
F - walk with Bates
S - 9 miles
S - walk

So Bates came down with a cold 2 weeks ago and I was pretty sure I would get it too (since we're up in each other's business all day).  I HOPED so hard that I wouldn't get it until after my 8 mile run in Week 5.  And wouldn't you know, that night, I started to get the postnasal drip.  So anyway, this past week I was sick with a cold.

When I still felt sort of crappy on Tuesday, I decided I would break my no-consecutive-day rule and run Wednesday and Thursday.  Wednesday went fine.  Then Wednesday night (Halloween) we had an awful night with the babe.  He wouldn't go down to sleep...for hours.  We brought him out to the family room at one point (because we didn't really know what to do) and he massively puked.  On Thursday he was still feeling sort of sick, so he actually took his afternoon nap lying across my chest (which, as you can imagine, isn't that conducive to a 4-mile run).*

Anyway, it was a bad week in running. And boy was that 9-miler difficult!  The weather was really warm (80 by the time I was done), the sun was beating down, I was running into a strong wind at one point.  It was just bad.  This was the first run where I had a hard time zoning out and listening to my podcasts.  The whole thing was really mental - I kept thinking about how much longer I had/how bad I felt/how looooong 9 miles is/etc.

But I finished.  No walking breaks.  9 slow miles.  And this run was different than my others because I "fueled" an hour in.  (If you're running for longer than an hour and a half, it's a good idea to take in some calories.)  I bought a non-caffeinated, raspberry-flavored gu packet (Cliff brand).  And I liked it!  The raspberry tasted a little like the center of a jelly donut and went down easily.  I'm not sure I noticed a difference with or without it, but I definitely didn't have any kind of crash (so maybe it prevented that??).  It was also nice to look forward to something in my run-focused brain: "in 20 minutes I can have my gu."

I followed the run with a veggie sub from Fino's and a large pasta salad.  Note to any Memphians reading this: no one needs a large pasta salad from Fino's; it was enough for 3-4 people.

Best podcast this week: Life on the 500th Floor.

*If you're curious, we aren't sure if Bates had a quick virus (although he had no fever) or if he had a reaction to the dinner we gave him.  It was a tomato-chicken-pasta dish and he'd never had tomatoes before.  And he hadn't really had a ton of gluten before, either.  I'm going to lay off tomatoes in the meantime and ask the doctor this afternoon what she thinks (since we're going to see if the cold turned into an ear infection).  Sheesh!  I'm glad we're done with germ-y daycare (a blog post coming on that soon).