Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New TV Shows

Are any of you watching the new show Nashville??  I am really into it!  And I have Jonathan to thank. See, I had no intention of starting another new show this season but he pointed out it seemed right up my alley.  I agreed to watch the pilot just to see...and...HOOKED!  I love Connie Britton (always Coach Taylor's wife in my mind) and I like her character on this show.  I think they've woven some pretty interesting drama into all the interlocking lives.  I'm excited to watch each week to see what happens.  And I love the music!  I told Jonathan the other day that I wish the show were already a season in so I could see each episode without waiting a week in between.  I definitely recommend catching up online with this one if you haven't watched yet (it's only a few weeks in).

We've also tried other new shows this season.

I'm pretty into this one as well, although I worry it might be the next The Event or Terra Nova (ie - really interesting concepts that got sillier and sillier with each episode until they were finally cancelled at the end of the first season).  But so far I would say Revolution hasn't gotten sillier each week; they're pretty engaging, actually.  My #1 complaint is about the acting ability of the main girl Charlie.  But we'll see - she's sort of grown on me a little each week.  This show could be the next Lost - the concept is intriguing and has the ability to be really complex, I think.  I would recommend tuning in.

The Mindy Project
We watched this on a whim and were laughing out loud in the first episode.  It's a comedy about an OBGYN and all the drama in her life (including the other doctors and staff in her practice).  A fun watch if you need a new comedy.

Last Resort
I might be done with this.  It's the one about the US submarine that disobeyed orders to blow up Pakistan and is now basically in a standoff with the government about the whole situation.  While it does star Ben from Felicity (which gives it major bonus points), I find it slightly confusing and don't feel all that engaged with the characters or the situation.  In fact, we've only watched the first two episodes and have three more saved on our DVR.  (That might be a sign it's getting the axe from our tv lineup.)

Am I missing anything this year that's awesome?  Have you guys watched any of these shows?


Jonathan said...

I'd say Jackie is hooked on Nashville. When random questions are thrown out about whether this character should be with this other character or this other one during dinner conversation, it is pretty disconcerting.

LB said...

Ah! I keep meaning to tape Nashville! I never saw her on Friday Night Lights but I loved her on American Horror Story! How are you not watching The Voice?! We're still into Dexter but that's because we're 6 seasons deep...

Sarah said...

Just getting caught up on your blog now that I don't have free time at work. LOVE Nashville. Also to LB- you can watch Nashville on AT&T on demand from the beginning right now, that's what I did to get caught up.