Friday, October 12, 2012

Freeze Frame?

Bates is 7.5 months right now, and man oh man - is it possible for me to stop time??

This is no news flash to anyone, but it's pretty difficult when you first have a baby: the constant feeding, the lack of sleep, the crying, etc.  And it gradually gets easier and easier.  The baby starts to eat less often, sleep more, do more things for himself.  And then there's a point when it gets really good.

I think for me, the point of really good started around 6 months (maybe a week or so after).  Bates was finally (finally!!) sleeping the night, he was able to sit up on his own, he was taking two really solid naps everyday; but also, he was developing a little personality - my days were starting to feel like they'd been spent with another human who could interact with me, not just an unresponsive (but cute!) eating/pooping/sleeping machine.

And it's only gotten better from there.  He's just this sweet little baby boy who loves to play and babble and chew on things and eat his pureed food.  He's so happy all the time.  And he can be so content just sitting on his playmat with some toys.  We were at my in-law's house for lunch last weekend and we set him on the floor with a bunch of toys while we sat at the table and ate.  He was perfectly content.

It dawned on me recently, though: he's not always going to be this sweet little baby.  I'd say he's superclose (maybe a week?) to crawling, which is going to dramatically change our lives.  And then he'll be walking.  And then he'll be talking more and able to express his opinion ("NO!") about certain things.  The next thing I know, he'll be a defiant teenager telling me he hates me and ranting to his girlfriend about how lame his mom is.  Then he'll go to college and do who knows what.  And then he'll be out in the real world searching for a woman to marry and replace his mother.

Can I just freeze time right now?

Occasionally he still wakes up in the middle of the night to eat (maybe once a week?) and last night was one of those nights.  And even though it sort of sucks to have your sleep disrupted at 2:40am, I was in his room rocking him after he ate, his little body snuggled against mine emitting the smell of lavender baby shampoo, and it hit me: I won't always be able to do this.

And I know it's fun to see them get older.  I get that.  But I also want to savor it right now, because even though it might get better, it's pretty darn awesome at the moment.


Jonathan said...

So true! I wake up with an ugh when I hear him talking to himself, then I realize that I get an hour of daddy-Bates time before Jackie gets up.

LB said...

so cute, guys! take lots of pics and videos so you can remember him like this :) i'm sure he'll only get better and more fun as he gets older!