Monday, October 1, 2012

1/2 Marathon Monday: Week 1

I love a good blog series!  And if that series can have some alliteration in the title?  Sold!

So allow me to introduce.....1/2 Marathon Mondays!

If you recall, I announced a few months ago that Jonathan and I signed up to run the Memphis St. Jude 1/2 Marathon on December 1.  I also mentioned my lack of current fitness in that post.  Well, fast-forward a couple months...and my fitness was still lacking.  I just couldn't get myself interested in running.

In mid-September, Jonathan and I ran a 4-mile race through the artsy neighborhood next to ours, Cooper Young.  And it was rough.  I wasn't signed up until a couple days before the event because I was unsure if I could even run 4 miles.  (Could I?  No.  I did quite a bit of walking during the race.)

So generally, in regards to this half marathon in December, I was feeling overwhelmed and uninterested in running (not the best combo).

But then!  But then I was at a Junior League meeting last week and talked to my friend Anna (who's also running the half).  I don't know what it was about our conversation, but it kicked my brain into gear: If you're going to actually run the 1/2, you need to start training NOW.

The next day she and I emailed back and forth about some training plans and I figured out a plan for myself.  I'm combining a couple different ones I found.  And while most plans call for 12-13 weeks of prep, my prep will be about 10 weeks...because that's when the race is.  Anna reminded me of something that is going to be really important during these 10 weeks, which is: slow and steady wins the race.  (Well, I guess it doesn't win the race in terms of winning the marathon, whatev.)  But basically, she pointed out that if I took my pace way down, I'd definitely be able to do the training runs. In fact, running slower during training runs is what most elite athletes do - there's actually some science behind training slower.

And after all that backstory - I now recap Week One

Long Run: Saturday - 5 miles
Other Runs: Wednesday - 4 miles; Friday - 3 miles; Sunday - 2 miles

Moving forward I will not run on any consecutive days (except the 2 miler on Sunday, which is a cool down from Saturday's long run).  The only reason I did Friday and Saturday this week was because I needed to fit in 2 weekly runs.

So overall, this week was pretty good.  I took my pace down, and wouldn't you know, it wasn't that difficult to run.  My body didn't hurt too much and my cardio was fine.  My major issue on the long run was some serious chaffing right below where my shorts hit on my legs.  (It's kind of a weird place because it's low-ish on my thigh, in a place where my thighs don't rub together - but I guess near the end of the run my stride got a little lazy/weird and made them rub together??)

All runs except for the 5-miler were on a treadmill.  I know - treadmill running isn't the same as outside, but I did them all while Bates was napping, so I think I need to take what time I can get.  I'm excited for this week though, because we're finally getting our jogging stroller!  My sister-in-law said awhile ago we could have hers, but this is the first chance for us to get it (ie, my in-laws drove up to Chicago to visit her and are bringing it back with them).

Question of the week for my runner friends: what are your favorite ways to cross train when training for a big running event?

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LB said...

How's the jogging stroller going so far???? Those things look super daunting, like I don't know how you can control your own body while pushing this awkward thing...I'm always so impressed by anyone that can pull it off!