Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's Been Awhile

How embarrassing to have a blog post about poop as the only thing people see on your blog for a few weeks.  Oops.  Life has been a little crazy.

I feel like I'm in this weird place in motherhood where we can survive - even thrive - day to day.  We have a nice routine, Bates and I play a lot, life is good.  But I feel like I'm struggling to get beyond that. Basically it feels like we just get by everyday; and then when I go to bed at night, there are tons of things out in space that I "need to do."  (Keeping a clean house is one of the major things that has fallen out of priority - and you all know how an untidy house upsets me.)

But also, blogging has been one of those things.  I want to do it.  I have stuff to post.  I just don't know when to sit down and write (other than after Bates goes to bed, but by then, all I want to do is vegetate on the couch).

Anyway - lots of happenings in our area.  A small sampling:

1) We spent Labor Day weekend in St. Louis - fun times.  Lots of laziness.

2) Bates has started attending (sometimes) his 3-day/week daycare from 9am-3pm.  I started to get teary the first time I dropped him off, but after that it's been ok.

3) After attending daycare twice (TWICE!) he got his first case of the sniffles.  Which turned into his first cold.  Which turned into his first ear infection.  Thumbs down.  It sucks having a sick baby.

4) Bates got his first tooth!  It's the bottom one and hasn't completely sprouted up yet, but it broke the surface.  The one next to it should break through soon - maybe tomorrow?  (Note: the ear infection and tooth happened at about the same time - so we've had some excruciating awful horrible sleepless nights in our house.)

5) We're in major "Operation: Fatten Bates" mode at our house.  At his 6-month check up, his weight had dropped from the 30th percentile to the 7th!  So we're eating lots of food now and putting some oatmeal in his bottles of breastmilk to help with the spitting up.  In a week since his appointment, he's gained a pound!  So I hope we're on the up.

6) In the same week he got his first ear infection, I got my first (and hopefully only) case of mastitis.  It's an infection women can get from breastfeeding and it wasn't pretty.  I sort of thought I was beyond getting it (since I've been doing this for six months!), but I was wrong, apparently.

Anyway - that's a quick overview.  I'm hoping to do a 6-month old post on Bates.  And posts on other random tidbits.  But the weather here is absolutely gorgeous today - so if you'll excuse me, we're going to hit the zoo when the babe (and husband) get up from naps.

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