Friday, August 17, 2012

Poopity Doopity Doo

I'm not trying to be super gross or anything - but can someone tell me: are poop blowouts a thing?  A phase kids go through?

Again - not to be too gross - but it seems like every day for the past couple of weeks I've had Bates in the shower at least once a day cleaning off blown-out poop.  It's starting to get a little old a freaking lot old.  Sometimes it blows out down the leg; and sometimes it blows out the back.  It's starting to make me nervous to leave the house!  On Monday, I went to take him out of the car at the grocery store and he had poop leaking down his leg!  I had to turn around and drive back home.

According to the size charts (and the fact that he's pretty skinny), I don't think he needs to size up yet.  (We've been wearing Pampers Swaddlers in a size 2, which are listed for 12-18 pounds [he's 15 pounds], and the next size up [2-3] is for 14-22 pounds.)  I also feel pretty confident that I'm putting the diaper on correctly, since blowouts weren't a problem before.  In fact, blowouts weren't even a consistent problem when we had to use prune juice when he hadn't gone in a few days.

Should I maybe try a different brand of diaper?  Does anyone have a favorite?  Any other ideas??


AmyBethJames said...

Yes it is a phase and thankfully it doesn't last too terribly long! Hudson's favorite place to do this was in his car seat. I don't know if it was the positioning or what, but seriously. He of course did it the most when we would go to church. I got to a point where I dressed him in junk clothes for his car rides and changed him to cute clothes whenever we arrived! Around that time we switched to Luvs (which I, coincidentally, LOVE) but I honestly don't remember if it helped or if he just quit doing it as much. Once they start to really eat solid food and their poop becomes more poop-like and less runny, that helps too. Of course, then it just starts to smell terrible. So, you win some, you lose some. :)

Eleanor said...

Annie went through a phase with this too although not as bad as your phase sounds! It would just stain around the leg holes of her clothes. I never switched diapers but I do think trying diff brands can help. I have heard that they all fit differently on different babies. Also, it will get better when he eats more solid food! Good luck!