Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Foods!

Before Bates was even born, I was excited about the prospect of giving him food food (aside from all. the. breastmilk.) when the time came.  But I assumed I would exclusively breastfeed for 6 months before even thinking about anything else.

Well, then there was reality: at 4 months, this kid wanted to eat!  He was obsessed with our food and the act of eating.  He'd grab at our utensils, plates, and food itself.  He would stare as food went from the plate into our mouths.

Our doctor had given us the go-ahead to feed him rice cereal at 4 months if we wanted to; so after a week or so of practice with the spoon, we decided to go for it.  (I think we were also secretly hoping it would help him sleep better at night.  Spoiler alert: it didn't.)

The very first time we fed him (rice cereal + breastmilk), it was pretty funny.  He was totally ready for it:
Was all on board with the spoon:
And then promptly spit out every spoonful:
By the very end of the first feeding, he started to get the hang of it.  The second night we tried, he actually got some food in his belly.  And by the third, he had it down.

The rice cereal, unfortunately, "backed things up" a little, if you know what I mean.  So for a week or so we gave him a tiny bit of prune juice to try to remedy it.  We then decided to go ahead and switch to oatmeal cereal.  And while he still needed prunes occasionally, this was much better than the rice.

But of late has been the really fun stuff: real food!  The first puree we tried was carrots.  He loved them.  The second was sweet potatoes.  Loved those more!  Then squash.  Loved it!  I began to think he would eat anything; I imagined our luck as parents - the kid who eats everything!

Yesterday we tried peas.  He wanted no part of it, ha.  Which, to be fair, as a fan of peas myself, I thought the baby food ones smelled and tasted nasty.  Maybe if I puree my own he'll like them more?

I've been buying little jars of organic baby food for the moment, so I can get an idea of what he likes.  Then I plan to make my own purees and freeze them in ice cube trays.  I'm so excited to make fun mixtures of different veg and fruits!

Any baby food makers out there?  Any tips or tricks?


Patricia Clayton said...

I have no baby food tips or tricks, but these pictures sure are adorable!

LB said...

ooh he's such a big boy now! maybe he'll be a vegetarian like his mama!