Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ready To Run!

I couldn't resist a Dixie Chicks song as the title of this post.  But it might be more appropriately titled "Will I Be Ready To Run??"

What am I running, you might ask?  Well - Jonathan and I signed up to run the Memphis half marathon in December!

I know so many of my friends run full-length marathons all the time and have run multiple halfs - but for Jonathan and I, this is big!  Neither of us has run any race longer than 4 or 5 miles.  The most I've ever run in my life is 10 miles.  And actually, since the beginning of the second trimester of my pregnancy, I haven't run more than 2.5 consecutive miles.  (Hence the big question: Will I be ready to run??)

I'm not that worried...yet.  The reason I've only run 2.5 consecutive miles isn't because of cardiovascular endurance, it's because my body just isn't back into running shape yet and I want to take it slow to avoid injury.  I'm worried about my knees and my hips (which have been troublesome in the past), and I'm a little worried about my back (which is now constantly contorting as I hold a baby, carry his heavy carseat, and lean over the bassinet from my bed [I need to quit doing that]).  So I'm taking it slow.

But yeah - we're excited!  Stay tuned for more training updates!  (Also - does anyone have a good training plan they could pass along to me??)

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Patricia Clayton said...

Yes, you'll be ready! But remember your BFF, the ice pack!