Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I freaking love the Olympics!

That could be the end of the blog post, really.  I just love them!  We set up a favorites playlist on our tv so I can hit the favorite button and scroll through all the channels that are potentially showing events.  I've been watching them morning to night!  Love it!

I used to think I liked the Winter games better than the Summer - but now I think that has switched.  I love swimming and diving.  And other favorites (in no particular order): women's beach volleyball, tennis, USA soccer, women's gymnastics, various track & field events, rhythmic gymnastics, and USA men's basketball.  For the first time this year, I watched kayaking and enjoyed that.  And I must say, men's water polo is pretty impressive (in more ways than one [wink]).  I'm also hoping to catch some synchronized swimming at some point.

But I'll watch any event - these are just some of my favorites.  We even watched women's judo that other day.  Whatev!  Go USA!

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LB said...

I'm pretty jealous of that favorites list / I need to see if we have that! We DVRed some but it was obviously ongoing and we don't have that much room so we're stuck with small snippets. You should get the NBC olympics app, it tells you all sorts of details about the athletes - the Live Companion tab is pretty sweet!