Monday, July 2, 2012

4 Months Old!

Four Month Stats
Length: 25.5 inches - 86%
Weight: 13 lbs, 7.5 ozs - 31%
Head Circ.: 41 cm - 42%

Oh my sweet baby boy - you are four months old!  One third of a year!  You're officially out of the "fourth trimester;" and while I'm not 100% sure what that's supposed to signify, I'm assuming it means you're a big boy now!

And it's true, in a lot of ways, you are a big boy.

You've been strong since day one (literally, your first day of life you were able to hold your neck up a little bit).  And now that you're four months old, you can do a lot more stuff physically.  You love to stand on our laps while we hold you under your armpits.  You can roll from tummy to back and back to tummy, and frankly, you're giving mommy a heart attack every night by rolling from back to tummy so you can sleep on your stomach.  (When you're not sleeping on your stomach, you like to sleep on your side in a little "L" shaped position that's positively adorable.)  And finally, you're starting (a teeny, tiny bit) to scoot when placed on your tummy; you definitely don't have the arm/leg movements figured out that suggest you'll be crawling tomorrow or any time soon, but you'll stick your bum into the air (holding it up by your legs) and then move your arms, so that, slooooowly but surely, you can get from one side of a blanket to the other.

Watching you grow up and learn new "tricks" every week has been so interesting from my perspective.  It's crazy how one day you won't do something, and then the next day, all of a sudden you'll have figured out this new thing that you start doing all the time.  In the past month or so, you discovered your hands.  It started with you clasping them together.  Then they went straight for your mouth (which is where they're likely found these days).  But you've also learned how to grab/bat at things and, depending on the thing, you've learned how to put it in your mouth.  As of a few days ago, you can now also grab the paci out of your mouth in a deliberate motion (not just have your hand get stuck on it and by default pull it out).  Aside from your hands, you are super alert/aware of what's going on and concentrate your eyes on wherever the action is.

You're basically mommy's little buddy during the day.  We do lots of fun stuff!  We play with toys (your favorite being ones with rattles [including a stuffed giraffe who has a rattle in his head], Sophie the Giraffe, and other little plastic baby toys that make different noises).  We read a lot of books (your favorites: Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See, On The Night You Were Born, The Sad Mad Glad Baby, Llama Llama Red Pajama, and I Love You Stinky Face; your least favorite: Goodnight Moon [no clue why - but you cry when we try to read it to you]).  We swing a lot on the front porch swing; sing songs; dance around; play peek-a-boo; play in your exersaucer; and just generally have a good time.  The itsy-bitsy spider:

Up until 4 days ago, you slept in a bassinet in mommy/daddy's room.  You've been an awesome sleeper pretty much all of your life until a couple weeks ago.  We have no clue what was going on, but there was a major sleep regression on your part (which included multiple, screaming/crying night wakings).  After talking to the doctor at your 4-month check up, we decided to transition you into your big boy crib in the nursery and work on teaching you to "self soothe" yourself to sleep (ie, crying it out a little bit).  Mommy cried the first night you were in the nursery.  Not so much because you were crying yourself to sleep (which was pretty sad), but because I was sad to have you out of our room.  Every morning around 5 or 6 am, I would bring you into bed with me and we would snooze together until we woke up for the day.  I thought this would end with the nursery transition, but actually, I've still brought you in every morning (it just takes a little extra movement on my part)!  I love seeing your little smile brighten up when I finally open my eyes and our faces are inches away from each other.  (And seriously, what is cuter than a kid in footed jammies with a big bear on them??)

And your little smile - I should mention - is so abundant!  You bring joy to anyone who gets to hang out with you.  You have a really happy disposition that pretty much only gets interrupted when you're tired or hungry (and most nights after's the "witching hour").

You aren't on a schedule, but we have a routine.  You basically take 3 naps a day, have 5, 5-oz bottles of breastmilk during the day (mommy's still pumping strong!), and a 3-oz bottle of milk if you wake up in the middle of the night.  We've done rice cereal a couple times - but I'm going to blog more on that later.  We do eat-play-sleep, so it ends up being about 2 hours of play with one hour of sleep all day long.

All of these things are important, for sure - but most important is how much joy you bring to your mommy and daddy's lives!  I don't exactly forget what our life was like before you came along, but I have to say, it's hard to imagine how we lived without you.  You bring so much fullness - such completeness - that it's hard to remember living without that.  We can't wait to watch you continue to grow!


LB said...

Loved all the pics and details!!! He's a classy looking little guy, I can't wait to meet him! 11 days!

AmyBethJames said...

He's so cute Jackie! What bright eyes and such a sweet face! Loved reading the update. Yes, the 4-month sleep regression is real! And frustrating as all get out. He'll come around again, I'm sure! :) I too was a little sad to move Hudson from our room, but I do think we all eventually slept better.