Friday, June 15, 2012

What We've Been Doing

Oh my blog!  I've missed writing on here so much!  Even though Bates is napping a lot (3 times a day) and going to bed earlier, I feel like I've lost free time.  I think now that we're three and a half months in, I've finally got the hang of mothering AND tending to house.  So usually when he's napping I'm doing things like: picking up the house, doing dishes, laundry, eating, pumping milk, getting dressed, etc.  And the naps aren't that long (30 minutes - 1 hour), just enough time to get a task or two completed, but not enough to get a task done AND write a blog post.

I have time right now because our air conditioner is broken (it's currently 84 and rising in the house), so all thoughts of tending house are out the window.  Actually, at the moment, the baby is sleeping next to me in our bed wearing nothing but a diaper (we won't get into what I'm wearing).  Oh how one's inner redneck can come out in desperate times.

And for the record: we had to buy a new air conditioner (lame) and it's being installed tomorrow (awesome!).  We'll assess the temp tonight and potentially sleep at my in law's house if it's awful.

As you can imagine, a lot has happened in our life since my last blog update.  It would be lovely to post about everything we've done.  But since I doubt that will happen, here's a consolidated list. :)

1) My mom got her PhD!  She's been working for a long time on this and we're so proud of her!  We went up to St. Louis for the graduation and for a graduation party.  Bates did great on his first road trip! The weekend was packed with family and friends and non-stop action - it was a great time.

2) Katie came in town to meet the babe!  Since she works non-traditional hours (she's a nurse) she had time off in the beginning of a week and came in town for a Monday - Wednesday.  A pediatric ICU nurse is pretty much the best houseguest you can have when you have a new baby!

3) Bates and I took a trip together (sans the Daddy) to Ohio for my half sister's graduation from high school.  I was really worried about the plane ride (and the whole hassle of the airport, etc.), but all went well.  Aside from 10 minutes when we got on the plane to go home (when Bates was hysterical), he was great.  And the whole weekend was fun!  Some family came in town and we got to hang out and enjoy the beautiful Ohio early summer weather.

4) We spent Memorial Day weekend celebrating my dear friend Emily's wedding here in Memphis.  The whole weekend was packed with events (a bachelorette night, the rehearsal dinner, a pool party, a cook out, and the actual wedding), so my mom came in town to stay with the babe.  That worked out wonderfully, and aside from the intense heat wave (and an outdoor ceremony/reception), it was a perfect weekend.

5) Bates got to meet his Aunt Ellen, Uncle Mike, and cousins Will, Brooks, and Eliza.  Jonathan and I weren't sure what the kids would think of him (they're 10, 8, and 4, respectively), but they adored him.  Were absolutely obsessed with him, actually.  We had a nice week-long visit with them.

6) And finally, the baptism of our little guy!  We celebrated this past weekend.  Bates wore the same dress gown his great grandfather, grandfather, and dad wore (and countless other family members).  And don't worry, we took it off promptly after the service and put him in a more manly suit.  My mother in law hosted a luncheon afterwards for everyone who was in town.  We're so happy he could be baptized in the same church his dad was baptized in AND the same church where his parents got married (by the same pastor).

I think that's about it for us in terms of what's been going on.  I say it every time...but I'm going to try harder to blog. :)  I hope you guys have been well!

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Sarah said...

Congrats on Bates baptism. Glad to hear things are going well.