Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So That Happened: I Had a Birthday!

Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family.  Well, not a big deal, per se, but we usually go all out in treating the birthday boy/girl super special.

And then when I was out of school and in the Real World, I found that my office definitely kept up the birthday tradition in that people would buy a cake, pass around a card for everyone to sign, and take you out to lunch.  I think this was to prevent mass revolution against the boredom.

This year, my birthday was different.  Not bad different.  Just different.  First off, it fell on a Tuesday, which is always a little anti-climactic.  But secondly, Bates had just turned one month old, so we were still a little sleepy and still just following his needs to a tee (ie, feeding on demand, calming his cries, putting him to nap, etc.).  So our day together (even though it was my birthday and was filled with lovely calls, texts, emails, facebook messages, etc.) was pretty routine.  It didn't really feel any different than any other day.  Maybe this is what birthdays look like once you're a mom?

We did have a fun celebration that night, though.  We got Thai food from my favorite take-out place.  Jonathan bought birthday cupcakes.  And I opened presents!  One of the outstanding presents was "one night off" given to me by the daddy.  (Ie, he'll get up with Bates so I can sleep through the night.  Although this present doesn't really need to be used anymore since the babe's become such a good sleeper [and I'm pretty sure I sleep more than Jonathan since he has to get up for work.])

The day after my birthday was also fun.  My in-laws came over to watch the baby so Jonathan and I could go see The Hunger Games at the theater!  <--------Nerd Alert!

I loved it!  I was so impressed (since it seems like the first movies of the other big teen books [Twilight and Harry Potter] weren't as good as the subsequent movies), but this one was great!  I'd probably go see it again if I didn't have a little baby who would need a babysitter who said that?

All in all, it was a fun birthday.  Different, yes.  But good, for sure!


Claire said...

Hi! Did you read the book(s)? I haven't gotten past the first. It's good, a quick read, but I wasn't crazy about the ending. I've switched to "more serious" books but I'm urged by a couple of coworkers who are partial to YA fiction to finish up the last two.

Hope you and fam are well. :)

LB said...

Okay first of all, there is nothing nerdy about going to see the Hunger Games. I thought it was pretty decent, right?! Second of all, I think that's what birthdays look like when you're >25 so don't feel like you're missing out :) miss you!