Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh Blogging...

Hey guys - remember me??  Remember that time I had a blog that was updated daily?  Yeah - me too.

Also, remember that time, before I had a kid, when I would read other mommy blogs about how busy they were and how hard it was to find time for themselves?  And remember how I would read them and think, "ha - that will not be me!"  Um yeah, me too.

So here's the thing.  I used to read other blogs about how busy stay-at-home mom-dom is and just not believe that would happen to me.  I told myself that these women don't care about the same things I care about.  Ie, they aren't neat freaks.  Or they don't care as much as me about being dressed and presentable all the time.  Or they don't love a schedule as much as I do.  Because if they did feel the same way as me, they'd have all the time in the world to get stuff done.

Then I had a kid.  Then I learned.

Here it is: it's not that I don't have a lot of downtime during the day.  Because I do.  But there are so many different elements to that downtime...

1) Bates likes to be held a lot.  Literally, he'll be sitting on his Boppy pillow right next to me on the couch, start crying, and the moment I pick him up he stops.  He just wants to be held sometimes.  Can't blame him.

2) I'm willing to let him cry it out.  Sometimes.  So I get that if he's sitting on his Boppy pillow and starts crying to be picked up, if I do it every time I'll have a kid who will never sit on his own.  I get that.  But the thing is, I do let him cry it out sometimes.  When I do basic things around the house (ie, get dressed, brush my teeth, eat meals, pick up clutter, put away dishes, etc.) he can cry while I get those things done.  They need to be done, so if that means a cranky baby for a little bit, I think it's worth it.  We also have the whole element of me pumping breastmilk.  I need to pump about every time he eats.  So after he eats a meal (and after we snuggle a little bit), I have to put him down so I can pump.  This often means he's unhappy and crying for awhile while I finish pumping milk.  SO - all this to say, at those other times, when he just wants a little snuggle, I like to let him have it.  (I'm excited for him to get a little bit more neck control so we have a couple more options with the Moby Wrap.)

3) I learned this thing about schedules once I had my own baby: you can read about sleep training and scheduling all you want, but it's different for every baby.  I always thought I'd be a stickler about napping and sleeping.  But then I had sweet, wonderful Bates who, for (awesome!) reasons unknown to me, started only waking up once a night to feed at about 5 weeks old.  That is, we sleep from 10pm to 4/4:30am, feed, and then sleep again until 7:30/8.  Sweet, awesome boy!  But with that schedule at night, our daytime "schedule" isn't really one.  I kind of let him do his own thing.  Why?  Because the night sleeping is so important to me that I'm willing to have unscheduled days so I can getting some freaking sleep at night!  And so those days I dreamed of sitting around having me-time while my baby took his 3 naps....not so much.  And I'm perfectly ok with the trade off.

4) He falls asleep when we're on walks and when he rides in the car.  Both of these are good in a way.  It's nice to go to the grocery store, for example, with a sleepy/groggy baby.  It's nice to have a walk outside without a screaming baby.  But what isn't so cool about this is that when he's sleeping during these times, he's not napping other times.  So he might take an hour nap (awesome!), but it happens while we're at the grocery store (not awesome).

5) As he gets older, when he's awake and alert, I don't want to just put him down somewhere so I can do stuff like blog/check email/watch tv/etc.  I want to be playing with him (as much as you can play with a 2-month old), singing to him, making baby babbling noises with him, etc.

And so anyway - there it is.  That's where I've been.  It's not lack of desire when it comes to blogging, that's for sure!  I love getting on here and writing about my life!  I'm going to try to post at least a couple times a week - it's good for the soul. :)

On that note - I have a crying baby on my hands!


Sarah said...

Aww Sweet Bates. Glad to hear you are settling into a routine. Excited to meet him!

jessicakamrath said...

I was getting worried about you:) Glad things are going well though. The better naps will come, I promise! And you will really enjoy them and get so much done. But until then, enjoy holding that sweet little baby!

Eleanor said...

So glad to hear from you!! I am so glad you are getting such great night time sleep!!! What a gift! The naps do get better like Jessica said. Annie now sleeps from about 7:30pm to 7 am with a dream feed around 11. (she does still wake up once a night often but that's ok). But, she also takes two 1 hour and 45 minute naps a day plus a third short nap on some days! All this settled in around 6 months I think. Sounds like you are doing great and enjoying your sweet baby boy!!

Eleanor said...

Please show us some pics too :) We want a peek!!!

b|rad said...

I don't have any babies, just 270 18-year olds. And 3,500 18-22 year olds a couple weeks a semester. But it's good to see the updates and hear about life! Give Bates my hellos!!

P.S. Your Rory comment a few weeks back made me laugh hysterically out loud. Miss you! And SRC!

LB said...

ooh so excited for some updates finally!!!!!! sounds like your little boy is keeping you busy busy busy. that's okay though, I'm sure he's way more fun than blogging is!