Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Downton Love!

I think I've mentioned my love for Downton Abbey on my blog before.  If not - and if you live under a rock have never heard of it - it's a miniseries on PBS's Masterpiece Theatre.  There have been two seasons thus far (and they're filming season 3 right now).  It's an upstairs/downstairs-type show about the wealthy family who lives in the beautiful castle, Downton Abbey, and their maids/butlers/etc. who live downstairs and serve them.  (Takes place around WWI.)

This show is so. freaking. good.  If you haven't watched it, I dare you to watch the first couple episodes from season one and not become hooked.  Even if you don't like period pieces (which I don't, usually), you need to try it.  Even if absolutely nothing about it sounds like something you're in to - just try it.  I think you'll be surprised.  (And seriously, if you aren't into the story lines [which you totally will be, but just hypothetically, if you aren't] you'll love the costuming and the beautiful house and the beautiful people with British accents.

(The reason I'm all about Downton right now is because Jonathan and I finally watched the last three episodes of season two.  They've been sitting in our DVR forever.  We initially saved them thinking if I had a long pre-labor at home, before contractions got too intense we could watch them and take my mind off the pain.  Things didn't quite go like that.  And then after Bates was born, it was hard to find 60 minute stretches to sit down uninterrupted.  But this past weekend we finally committed.  So any time he was napping or just chilling out, we would put it on.  The end of season two was sooooo good!  Oh my gosh - I can't wait for season three!  [And a fun side note: one of the main characters is named....Mr. Bates!])

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LB said...

I've been sort of avoiding new TV series but am thinking while Brian's in Miami this month, I might pick up something new! This would be perfect!