Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'll Miss About Being Pregnant

It sounds funny to say - but man, the World loves a pregnant woman!  I'm serious.  The amount of positive attention you get from people (both ones you know and ones you don't) is crazy.  I've found this especially true in the last month when anyone who asks about the pregnancy basically ends their comment by saying, "well, you look great!"  Ha - I'll take that compliment any day (even if they say it to everyone)!

But it's not just the positive attention from people.  There are lots of things, actually, that are great about being pregnant.  In no particular order...

1) Feeling the baby move around.  It's a wild feeling, especially in the early-mid 3rd trimester when (s)he is doing acrobatics.

2) Eating a liiiiiittle unhealthier than normal and not worrying about weight gain.  I've consumed a decent amount of frozen yogurt, chocolate, french fries, bagels, etc., things I would normally keep to a more strict moderation level.

3) Eating dairy.  If you recall from my pre-pregnancy days, I'm pretty sure I have an intolerance to dairy (which is expressed through phlegmy congestion).  I'll probably go back to eating little to no dairy after baby is born.  Oh delicious cheese, yogurt, frozen yogurt, and milk, how I love thee.

4) My pregnant body.  In the beginning, I felt like I looked fat.  But now I like the way I look.  I think it's because my belly is so big - so even though my hips/thighs and chest grew a bit, because the belly is so big, it makes them look small. :)

5) People doing stuff for me.  This applies to strangers and people I know - and sort of goes back to what I said in the beginning - but everyone wants to help and do stuff for you.  Some of it's legit (since really, a pregnant woman shouldn't lift super heavy things), but some of it is flat-out crazy!  In church the other day, I dropped my program on the floor and the probably-80 year old woman sitting next to me (who hadn't even been standing in the parts of the service when you're supposed to stand) leaned in to get it for me!  (I stopped her, of course or did I??)

6) Generally caring less what people think of me.  I don't know if this is something all women experience.  But it feels like I have this good excuse now for certain things.  My house isn't as clean as it usually is when I have guests?  I'm pregnant.  I cooked a less interesting meal while hosting people at my house?  I'm pregnant.  My car hasn't been washed since summer?  I'm pregnant.  I had a scatterbrain moment and forgot to do something?  I'm pregnant.  (Maybe this one can extend into "I have a newborn.")

7) Having a big event to look forward to.  It's sort of the same with a wedding.  You plan for a year and constantly have this large event looming in the future.  You always have "stuff" you need to do to prepare.  Then it comes and it's done.  With a baby, the event comes and then a whole new ordeal is starting - but the aspect of the "big event" to look forward to is gone.  Instead you're then just in your new reality.  (This could be a positive or a negative the more I think about it...  Hmm.)

8) My maternity clothes!  I've heard from so many women that by the end they were ready to burn theirs, but I actually really like mine.  They're cute and comfy (come on - pants without zippers or buttons!) and they still feel new-ish (vs. some of the stuff in my closet I've had for years).

9) My luscious locks.  Well, that's not entirely true, but when you're pregnant your hair doesn't really fall out at the same rate it normally does.  So while my individual strands of hair are still baby fine, I have more of them on my head, giving the illusion of thickness.

I'm sure there are more things I'll miss, but maybe I won't realize I miss them until after they're gone.

(I could also make a list of stuff I won't miss about being pregnant, but I'm being positive... 

Or maybe just a short list:

-the stuffy nose
-the constant worry that something's wrong with baby
-the physical discomfort of the last couple weeks
-only wearing flats (because heels hurt my back) and no boots (because my calves are swollen)
-wearing the same winter coat every. single. day.
-the erratic nature of my normally-clear, even skin

See, just a short list.  Pregnancy has been pretty good to me.)


LB said...

It's nice to hear some positivity when normally 9-month pregnant women are just donezo with the whole thing! Love it. Also I think a lot of those excuses can definitely extend to "I have a newborn" so milk that for sure.

Eleanor said...

You will love eating while nursing!!! You can eat so much more comfortably and not be full, have heartburn, etc. without the baby in your belly! And the weight gain won't be an issue since you are burning it off while nursing! It's way more fun than eating while pregnant:)

Mary M said...

I am pretty sure that pregnancy being good to you means that your baby will be good to you too! What a nice kid you will have!