Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Weekend

It's not like the whole weekend is devoted to the Super Bowl, but I still enjoy it every year.  It goes along with my whole theory about having an event on Sunday (that is, I like it because then we're forced to get all our stuff done before Sunday night).  Also, our friends host a Super Bowl party every year that's always pretty fun; they have one of those huge projection tvs that rolls down from the ceiling and everyone brings some food to share.

Otherwise, our weekend was nice, but not super busy...

1) We had our first natural childbirth class on Friday night.  It was great!  First we learned about the labor process and different breathing methods to get through the different phases of labor.  Then we went around to 10 different stations that had a demonstration card for a different labor position to try (stuff like sitting on a birth ball, being on all fours, doing a "slow dance" lean into your partner, lying on your side, etc. - and then showed what kind of massage or counter pressure the birth partner could be doing in each one).  A sort of funny thing was that as we moved station to station, she was increasing our time there to the length of contractions as they progressed and we'd have to breath through them.  To simulate pain, we started with a clothespin on one pinky, then had one on each pinky.  Then we moved one clothespin to the earlobe, then one on each earlobe.  Then a clothespin on each earlobe while holding a piece of ice.  Eventually we had clothespins on each earlobe and ice in each hand as we squeezed our hands into a fist.  Old school torture techniques...

2) After the class we ran out to Babies R Us to pick up a snap n go stroller and then had dinner at J. Alexanders (love their veggie burger).

3) Saturday it rained/poured for most of the day.  We went down to Jonathan's dad's old office (he was a pediatric dentist) to pick up some children's prints he had hanging on the wall.  We can potentially use them in our nursery or in a kid's room some day, so we thought it was good to bring them to our house.

4) We packed our hospital bags that afternoon and did some general cleaning-type things around the house.

5) That night we had dinner at Pho Hoa Binh, which was awesome - but was waaaaay too much sodium for me.  The next day my rings barely fit and I felt swollen all over.  I made Jonathan take me to CVS after church on Sunday so I could take my blood pressure to be sure I didn't have pre-eclampsia, ha.  Moving forward, I'll be laying off the super salty Vietnamese food until baby comes.

6) Sunday I got up and got on the treadmill.  Then we went to church, did errands, cleaned up around the house, etc., before the Super Bowl.

7) The party was great!  We got to see our dear friends who just got engaged last night and got to enjoy some delicious (probably also full of sodium) football food.  What's the general consensus on Madonna? I thought it was crazy the way the whole thing was produced - like, while watching it, it felt like we were watching footage from Madonna's world tour on HBO or something - it definitely didn't have that live, at-a-football-game feeling.  I thought all the technology (I'm assuming it was a bunch of video screens on the field?) was pretty awesome.  And Madonna - whatev.  She doesn't need to be singing any new songs - but I thought she was fine.

Anyway - I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend and Super Bowl, too.

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LB said...

Sounds like a good weekend! And now you have your hospital bag packed, that's exciting :) Who got engaged? Also I thought Madonna looked SUPER awkward. Our friend said she looked like a colt just learning to walk.