Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Songs for Labor

Since our baby is due at the end of this month, we're trying to do some planning things like: packing a hospital bag; getting our parents & their roles sorted out; figuring out who will take Hank at what time, etc.

One of these tasks for me is to come up with a playlist of music for labor.  Having never been through labor, I have no idea what I'll be in the mood for.  Will I want fast/upbeat?  Slow?  Instrumental?  Enya?  (Doesn't Enya seem like the quintessential birthing music?)  Mellow?  Rock?  I have no clue.

I think I might make three lists...

I definitely want one to be sort of mellow-ish.  Not too mellow - like, I don't think I want a bunch of slow songs - but more just kind of chill/soft rock-type music.  I'm thinking of back in the day when I used to run; contrary to most people, I never liked to start out with fast-tempo music (ie, no dirty rap) because it messed up my pacing.  Instead I would listen to sort of soft rock/chill music (not too chill), and not turn on the dirty rap until I needed a boost or was coming in for the home stretch.

I think it will be the easiest to come up with (probably because this is the music I most like to listen to).  I see a little Norah Jones, some Decemberists newest album (the bluegrassy one), Feist, Grizzly Bear, Nickel Creek, Lucinda Williams, The Avett Brothers, KT Tunstall, etc.  Stuff that still has a beat, but is chill.

Then I think I need another one of sort of rockin songs that aren't really "in da club" music.  Maybe some White Stripes, Decemberists 2nd most new album (the electric, non-poppy one), Moby... I need to think harder about this category and really dig through the music on our iTunes.

And then I think I might need yet another one of "I have three miles left in my marathon, I've hit a wall and feel like I'm going to die" pump-it-up music.  This will be the most embarrassing of the lists, I'd say.  Songs like "Dynamite," "Run This Town," "Low" (by Flo Rida), "Empire State of Mind," maybe some Girl Talk, Nelly, Kanye, Beyonce - stuff to really get the heart rate up, ha.

So my friends - I'm asking you - any awesome suggestions?  I like the idea of familiar-ish music (to sort of ground me to a familiar place, mentally), but any suggestion would be nice.  Also - friends who have given birth - did you listen to music?  If so, what kind did you want to hear?


LB said...

I'll think about this and email you. You could be listening to some new songs this month too so they're familiar by the time it's labor time!

jessicakamrath said...

My Mom suggested "Push it" for me. Haha! I think you'll want more calming music. I don't remember having any music playing but I do remember Kyle turning on the "Price is Right" at one point in time and I wanted to kill him! I think most noise annoyed me while I was in labor, but especially that!