Wednesday, February 15, 2012

OMG, Cupid!

I woke up on Valentine's day to find a big red heart of chocolates sitting next to me.  (This was sort of a joke because of that commercial [which, of course, has been aired 1000x during any and all sporting events on tv] where the guy says, "I mean, it just isn't Valentine's Day without the red heart.")

Then at work, I received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.  Bright, Spring-like pink, magenta, orange, yellow, and green gerber daisies and roses.  So pretty!

Then, when I got home from my massage, there was a box sitting on the coffee table.

OMG, Cupid...
A Kindle Touch!!

I was 100% floored to see it when I opened the box!  I had mentioned I would ask for it for my birthday (at the end of March), so you can imagine my surprise to get such a nice present for such a small holiday!  I can't wait to download something!

Thanks Jonathan, errr, Cupid!  Awesome surprise!

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