Wednesday, February 8, 2012

NOT in Labor

I'm definitely not in labor right now...  But what I am in is baby obsession.

Seriously.  And I think it's sort of lame.  I didn't want to be one of those women who got pregnant and completely forgot who she was beforehand - ie, ignoring old hobbies, thinking about nothing else but pregnancy and the baby, reading nothing but pregnancy/child rearing books and/or news articles, etc.

But lo and behold, here I am.  And I'm obsessed.  There isn't a ten minute period of time that goes by when I don't think something related to the pregnancy or the baby.  And the thoughts run a complete spectrum of randomness:

-I need to call Babies R Us to get the 10% completion code worked out.
-Has the baby moved recently?
-Should I try to read one more book on natural childbirth before the big day?  (Answer: no.)
-How much protein have I eaten today?
-Will I know if/when my water breaks if it's just a trickle?
-Did it break just now?
-Is this menstrual-crampy feeling real labor?  Or just Braxton Hicks?
-I need to read some articles on _________.  (Examples: baby sleep, breast feeding, the first month with a newborn, baby safety, breast milk pumping, etc.)
-I need a nursing top or two.
-Holy crap my life is going to change in a couple weeks.
-How am I going to survive on such a small amount of sleep?
-I need to schedule my second prenatal massage.
-Has the baby moved out of a head-down position?
-Should we switch me over to Verizon so we can have a new iPhone (with the nice video recorder) for baby's first moments?
-I might want a pedicure before baby comes.

Literally.  My mind is just flooded with thoughts relating to this baby.  So that's why blogging has been difficult - because I don't want every single post to be about the baby.

I know a lot of this is related to hormones.  And a lot is related to my desire to be in control of things.  I don't need to hear again that "no matter how much you prepare, you won't ever really be prepared" because I know.  I get it. 

But I can't let this stuff go!  It's not in my nature to just kick back and "wing it" when I could be getting even more prepared.

So friends, just a head's up, these next few weeks of blogging might be nothing but baby stuff.

(AHHHHHHHHHHHHH  <-------- me freaking out)


Amanda said...

Bring on the baby posts. I love them!

Eleanor said...

Yay! You are so close!

Sorry that I have not gotten back to you yet about the BOB stoller. Annie was able to sit up in it around 4 months, but that was pretty early. She was able to hold her head up and sit up earlier than a lot of babies so I would say between 4-6 months is when most babies can sit up in the BOB. Also, early on, I was slow and more careful since she wasn't super strong yet. Now, I dont have to be so gentle because she is much stronger. Make sense? Anyways, all that to say is that I do recommend the seat adapter. You will need it for a while! And, Annie now uses the bar as a nice convienent foot rest or handle bar! But, it does depend on what other strollers you have. I resisted buying the snap-n-go stroller for the infant seat until about 4 months but it is a MUST! (I was trying to save money and wasnt sure this was necessary) But, it changed my life once I got it:) If you have this, then there is no reason you cant just take her for a walk with it. Its a good stroller and you certainly wont be breaking away or jogging early on after birth so a good, non-jogging stroller will do great! If I can help you anymore, just let me know! my email is if you don't already have it!

I am thinking about you and can't wait to see if baby is a girl or boy! I hope labor goes great!!! You will do great!