Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Lovely Day Off!

I thoroughly enjoyed having a 3-day weekend!  Mondays off are the best!

1) The weather was lovely - not a cloud in the sky and around 60 degrees.

2) I had phone chats with both Sarah and my mom.

3) I had a wonderful experience at Comcast (our cable provider).  Yes, you read that right.  I've never had a good experience with them - ever.  I've: waited in lines at their office for more than an hour; waited in lines at their office for more than an hour and then been turned away because I didn't have some portion of what they needed to complete my transaction; waited hours for a late technician to show up at my house; sat on hold on their customer service line for half an hour and then been told they couldn't help me.  Basically, it's never been easy or enjoyable.

But yesterday, I had this almost serendipitous experience.  I walked in and there were probably 5 people in front of me in line.  Then, not 5-10 minutes later, 25-30 people walked in and got in line behind me.  Then when I went up to see the customer service agent, she was friendly - I'd even say "nice" - and helpful and my issue was resolved in about 5 minutes.  It was glorious!

4) I read on my Kindle while in line at Comcast!

5) I went to Target to make a return and while perusing the maternity section, found the exact nursing tank tops I was interested in online.  They are listed as "online only" on the website so I've been hesitant to order them since I hate to pay for shipping and hate not knowing what size to get.  Score - I bought 2! Then the red flats I've had my eye on were on sale for $15!  Score again!

6) I watched an incredibly helpful breastfeeding video I rented from the hospital's library.  I started to watch the 2nd one I rented, but had to turn it off because it was so dated and boring.  But one of two isn't bad.

7) We had a delicious dinner at Jonathan's parents' house.  Mmm.

Overall a great day!  All weekends should be three days.

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