Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's Talk Mascara...

I consider mascara one of the "must haves" in my makeup bag.  If I needed to grab just a couple items to use, it would be one of them (in addition to concealer, some sort of foundation, and blush).

But the weird thing is: I don't have one specific mascara I love.

For all the other stuff, I know which product I would buy from the department store and which one I'd buy from the drugstore (depending on my finances) and either would be great and get the job done.  (Well, that is, except for blush.  NARS "Orgasm" is the only blush in my life.  Buy it, try it, you'll love it.) 

Anyway, with mascara, it seems like I've tried at least 10 different kinds (both expensive and inexpensive) and have never thought more than, "eh, it was decent."  I rarely buy the same brand/kind more than twice because after using a second bottle, I always tell myself there must be something better out there.

Here are some things I want from my mascara:
-smooth application - ie, no clumps (does this exist??)
-long-lasting stay - ie, by the end of the day it hasn't migrated down to my under eye (I think this happens because I use so much lotion on my dry skin/dry eye area)
-tolerance by my eyes - this is the weird one.  I have really sensitive eyes that aren't compatible with some mascaras
-overall good look - a nice darkening of the lashes

Brands/types I've tried:
-Trish McEvoy waterproof (I liked this a decent amount but it got discontinued)
-Lancome Definicils
-Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara
-Almay One Coat Triple Effect Mascara
-L'Oreal something or other - but this caused a bad allergic reaction in my eye, so I've avoided the brand since then
-CoverGirl something or other - and same deal with the allergies and thus avoidance of the brand
-Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes Washable (this is what I most recently bought [last weekend] and am using now)

And more over the course of my mascara-wearing life - but these are all somewhat recent (in the last couple of years).

While some of them have had their positives, none of them have just wowed me.  I mean, seriously, I can't stand when mascara goes on clumpy - and it seems like they all do to some extent.  (And yes, I have an eyelash brush to run through after application - but I don't like the way that makes some of my lashes stick together.)  In theory, as well, I'd probably rather have a drugstore brand than an expensive one (since given my history, I don't really see enough difference to justify the cost).

So friends - do you have any suggestions?


LB said...

I've been using Maybelline in the yellow bottle for a couple of years now and I like it! I find that after using it a couple of times, the brush stops clumping and it's smooth sailing after that. I'm using Maybelline in the purple bottle right now and I hate it, so I can't speak for their other ones.

Mary said...

Another blog I read recently addressed this very topic, rather in-depth:

She did not come out with a clear favorite, but she did hear from a lot of people about which ones they love.

Amanda said...

I use Maybelline Full N Soft and really like it.